You Don’t Really Want To Win

You Don’t Really Want To Win

Time for some “real talk” and tough love. I want to make one thing perfectly clear from the beginning. I’m not sitting on a white horse upon a hill called “moral high ground”. Every criticism I’m going to lay at the feet of various movements in this piece can be attributed to myself as well. The following criticisms come from a place of love, I want them to have increasing success. Now, with that caveat out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

It appears to me that a sizeable part of prominent belief systems don’t want to actually win. There is too much counterproductive behavior going on by sections of these movements that are too big to be ignored or brushed aside. I will deal with three case studies here. First of all, let’s look at Atheism. The modern Atheist movement is different than what it was just a couple of decades ago. Increasingly, Atheism has been absorbed into the wider social justice wing on the political and cultural left. Atheism has morphed into another avenue for attacking the political and cultural right. One of the clearest examples of this is the selective outrage and focus towards Christianity, while almost completely excluding Islam.

To me any objective analysis would conclude that Islam is “worse” (seen with “Atheistic” eyes) than modern Christianity. In various Western countries the political influence of Christianity is either small or non-existent. Islam is on the rise and is clearly intertwined with politics, especially through the identity politics of the left. The consequences of the deconstruction of Christianity perpetuated by Atheists is to create a political and cultural vacuum for Islam to fill. The religious abuses committed by Islam are undeniably far worse than even the most extreme Christians would perpetrate. Atheism by being allied to or at least useful idiots for Islam are in practice increasing the influence of religion in society. Modern Atheism in practice is thus the exact opposite of what it should be according to a textbook definition of itself.

Not only is Atheism counterproductive in its uncritical defense of Islam, Atheism is undermining its own claims to moral legitimacy by being so clearly biased and unprincipled. This drastically undermines the appeal and impact of the ideas and visions contained within Atheism. I can’t come to any other conclusion than the fact that modern Atheists today don’t want to win. Victory here being defined as the materialization of a society based upon the lack of a belief in religion or religious influence on political matters.

Next, we will address the Alt-Right. I have previously pointed out that the whole debate surrounding the so-called “JQ” and the apparent desire to rehabilitate National Socialism is killing the mass market appeal of the ideas within the Alt-Right. I’m certainly not alone in pointing out this critique. A simplification of the Alt-Right yields two “main” groups. On the one hand you have people like “Wife With A Purpose” who talk about traditionalism and a love of heritage and one’s own people from a universal standpoint. The principles she espouses are applicable to all ethnic groups and she frames all her messaging in positivity and love. There is not even a hint of admiration of the Third Reich or a focus on Jews.

The other faction is the “fashwave” or edgy part of the movement. They either surround themselves with Nazi imagery or are a bit too comfortable associating with people who do. To put it bluntly, if I was a Jew with a deep-seated desire for the destruction of Europe or the “White Race”, I would unceasingly promote such people. I remember watching a livestream of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and being quite shocked by the lack of reaction upon the livestreamer seeing a person with a swastika flag. Fair enough that the media is unfair in their smearing and portraying everyone as Nazis, but you’re not making it difficult by being comfortable around people with Nazi paraphernalia.

It pains me to see this, because the Alt-Right has so many useful issues and approaches to add to the wider political discourse. Modern nationalism isn’t conditional upon reclaiming National Socialism. Failing to distance themselves from the Nazis of the past or the present day Nazi larpers is absolutely and unequivocally brutally murdering any chance of mainstream acceptance or impact. Having an impact and retaining the trappings of a failed past are mutually exclusive. This frustrates me to no end, because the Alt-Right has so many other admirable aspects to it that deserve to be heard and adopted by society. My recent attraction to traditionalism, wanting to have children and so on didn’t come from the Trumpian New Right, the vast majority of the persuasion necessary came from the more “hardcore” Alt-Right. Bringing statistics surrounding ethnicity or “race” if you will to relevant political topics wasn’t pushed by the moderate right, the Alt-Right has a place at the table. It is a pity that many prominent leaders don’t have the ego strength to do what actually works in changing public opinion.

Finally, we will look at Libertarianism. They sure love clinging to old ideas and methods of persuasion. The rise of the Alt-Right, the New Right, “Trumpism”, “Bannonism” if you will has brought new critiques of free market trading in the form of contemporary globalism to the table. Libertarianism with its inherent focus on economics and economic matters has been largely absent from this debate. Apart from some half-hearted refutations of arguments, they haven’t seized the initiative at all. Their own inactivity has rendered them less relevant. At most they have been hangers-on to the counterattack against political correctness and the social justice movement coming from the new groupings on the right. Libertarianism has not in any sense of the word been in the driver’s seat. It should be embarrassing that the most remembered contribution of the libertarians in the 2016 election cycle is “What is Aleppo?”

In their own ways, Atheism, the Alt-Right and Libertarianism all have exhibited self-defeating behavior in recent times. To a certain extent they seem to be more interested in intellectual jerking off, rather than having a concrete impact on the culture and political system. Their behavior seems to be similar to masturbation’s “edging” in which the focus is on the pursuit of the goal (orgasm), not the goal itself. The solutions or the necessary corrections are so blaringly obvious that even an amateur like myself can see them. All three movements can make important contributions to the current societal dialogue, but only if they look themselves in the mirror and make the necessary adjustments.





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