Worrying About Terrorism is Missing the Point

Worrying About Terrorism is Missing the Point

So, here we are yet again. Adherents of a particular religion have murdered innocent men, women and children in cold blood. Profile pictures are dutifully changed to include the flag of the affected country, we are encouraged to carry on as usual and the police are focusing their sparse resources on social media deviants. Haven’t we seen the rerun of this episode enough? We are told as if scripted by a machine that “this incident had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam”. But we all know the facts, like them or not. Hearing about a terrorist attack in the West, we all know from repeated instance after repeated instance that Islam is relevant. It is the single source of inspiration for the deranged lunatics that prove the truth of Trump’s label “evil losers”.

Yet, we in the West are missing the bigger point. Terrorism isn’t the reason we should look over our shoulders and worry. For the sake of argument, lets pretend that terrorism was absent within the ranks of Muslims. What if Radical Islamic Terrorism wasn’t a thing? We would still face a grave threat to our civilization and our way of life. The threat of dead bodies in our streets isn’t the gravest threat from Islam. It is rather the democratic power they are amassing through demographic replacement. The true frontline of this civilizational confrontation isn’t in our concert halls, in our streets, on our planes or on our trains. It is rather on the Mediterranean Ocean where people smugglers, the mafia and NGOs are working hand in hand to undermine the core pillars upon which the West is built.

For Islam to be a mortal threat terrorism and violence are absolutely not necessary factors. Peaceful Muslims putting pieces of paper in sealed boxes in ballot booths are the true point of concern. Just imagine if you, a westerner moved to a majority Islamic country such as Iraq or Iran. Would you simply abandon the values of your upbringing? Would you suddenly advocate for covering up women, murdering LGBT people or killing people that left the majority religion? I sure as heck wouldn’t. I would hold dearly to my values, the values of the West. We can criticize Western conduct in foreign military interventions and the problems of domestic politics while recognizing the objective superiority of Western values over the rest of the world. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Instead of studying dead poets, learning to write cursive and learning to use computer programs obsolete upon graduation, schools should refocus their curriculum. Studying Western history and Fourth Generation Warfare theory should be mandatory. Western thought leaders and the public at large has shown remarkably little insight. The stunning terrorist attacks on 9/11 weren’t successful because of the massive loss of life and enormous property damage. The victory for the evil losers rather came in our self-inflicted wounds in the aftermath. The loss of freedoms and the rapid change in our culture is the true prize. We see the aftereffects of the process started on 9/12 today. Police are more concerned about “islamophobia” than watching potential terrorists. Much focus is placed on suppressing video and pictures of dead westerners in our streets, while pictures of dead migrants are plastered all over the news. Our adversaries are winning through their understanding of the true battlefield. Nobody could possibly defeat the militaries of the West, short of using WMDs.

Our enemies have been frighteningly successful in sapping our will to defend our values, our culture and the very institutions which our society is built upon. They are in the middle of changing our nations right under our noses. Their weapons aren’t trucks, suicide vests or Kalashnikovs, but rather pieces of paper. Ballots. Just as we wouldn’t change if we emigrated to their countries, it is foolish to expect them to do so when they come here. When we take the fact that their values are incompatible with ours into consideration we begin to see the true problem. I’ve struggled to emotionally accept the necessity of identitarianism, but reality keeps pushing me willingly or unwillingly in that direction. And we all know for a fact that the incident in London today will be far from the last. The only question is how many days of reprieve we will enjoy before the next one.

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