Why the Truth Matters

Why the Truth Matters

I find myself having a lot of socially uncomfortable positions on a wide range of issues. Hiding my political viewpoints consumes a lot of effort and is emotionally draining. As I’m an introvert with limited social skills, this protects the relationships that I have. The merits of this approach can be debated. I have an enormous amount of respect for the people with enough courage to be open about political viewpoints that are frowned upon. Their effort is key in order to change the world. I’m not alone in hiding in the cloud of anonymity. Many other people do so in a world with violent attacks on political opponents, economic “terrorism” in the form of doxxing and heavy social sanction enforced on those that deviate from the accepted norm. Why not simply adopt socially acceptable positions on the controversial issues and gain social acceptance? Because the truth matters.

Are the old Star Wars movies better than the new ones? I’m not going to stake out a position on this issue, because it doesn’t fucking matter. At all. I care about fundamental issues affecting the politics, culture and ethics of the human race. The truth found at the core of those issues has profound impact on the lives of ordinary, decent people. I’ll highlight a few examples. A number of prominent feminists and feminist organisations espouse the claim that “1 in 4, or 1 in 5 women will get raped during their time at a college/university”. This is a truly shocking assertion. If I were a woman I would never in a million years set foot upon a campus after hearing this alleged statistic. A 20-25% chance of becoming the victim of a heinous and repugnant crime such as rape is horrifying. Pushing their agenda, the feminists are in fact driving women away from higher learning.

I don’t know what the true number of raped women is. No-one does. But, I would bet everything I own on that number being complete bullshit. It is not just slightly too high, it is in fact not in the same ballpark as the true number. I read somewhere that approximately 89% of US campuses has ZERO reported rapes during the last year. I’m willing to concede for the sake of argument that a portion of rapes go unreported for a variety of reasons. But 20-25% rape rate is completely irreconcilable with the 89% stat. Unless you hold fast to a ridiculous definition of rape, including “eye rape” or something, the feminists and widely recognized statistics are on different planets. Any rape at all is one rape too many. Because rape is such a serious crime, it deserves to be taken seriously and thus not lied about. Astronomical lies diminish the injuries suffered by real victims. Additionally, it harms women by scaring them away from attaining higher education. Put succinctly, feminists and promoters of the existence of so-called “rape culture” are directly harming the interests of women.

Racism huxters are another “self-harming” group of advocates. They claim that racism is prevalent through all facets of society, especially in law enforcement. If I were a minority and I heard community leaders claiming that the entire societal structure and system was dead set against me achieving what I wanted, I would succumb to despair and apathy. Why strive for excellence, when those in power oppose you so strongly? I would give up. Thus, we can see that false claims of racism harms precisely those they claim to represent. The facts around this issue are luckily quite optimistic. Crime victimization studies align surprisingly well with police arrest records. This means that the police are arresting people committing crimes and not unjustly going after minorities. Of course, individual instances might differ, but at the big picture level, law enforcement discrimination and racism is not supported by the facts. Strive hard enough and put in enough effort and anyone can excel. The huxters should rejoice that unjust racism is not the big oppressing force that they claim is holding “their” people down.

My final example of the day is environmentalists and their espousal of anthropogenic climate change. Even if their wildest claims are true, I would still firmly and ardently oppose their solutions. They are self-destructive to the max. Combatting emissions harms economic output, I think we can all agree on this point. Emission reduction is thus a trade-off. Something is lost in exchange for limiting greenhouse gas output. We would do ourselves a tremendous disservice by simply brushing aside what this economic loss actually entails. Economic flourishing is what brings people out of poverty, progressing beyond all the miseries related to the deprived existence of impoverishment. It means better health outcomes, more options regarding work, improved education and so on. In fact, “excess” economic output is what we need to combat pollution in the first place! How else are we going to pay for the costs associated with emission reduction?

I’ve seen respected people put forth the most economical solution to climate change, putting numerous huge floating white discs in the oceans of the world to reflect back sunlight. If I remember correctly this was projected to cost 100 Billion US dollars. This sum pales in comparison to what advanced countries are currently spending on other solutions. To me this says that they’re not really interested in combatting environmental degradation, but rather in using environmentalism as a wedge issue to further their statist politics. Actions speak louder than words. So when prominent politicians, actors and other concerned individuals fly around the world to attend climate conferences instead to telecommuting carbon footprint free, we might raise our eyebrows. When the “father of climate change” Al Gore constructs a house on the oceanfront we can deduce that one of two is true. Either 1. he doesn’t believe what he says publicly. Because if the ocean rises like they claim his house will be underwater. Or 2. he is a complete idiot (for building a house that is going to drown). I can thus safely ignore his claims.

There are many more examples of the truth mattering in other issues. They are too numerous to list here.

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