Why God Emperor Worship is Mortally Wounding Trump

Why God Emperor Worship is Mortally Wounding Trump

Forgiveness. People are always pushing for forgiveness. Why is that? Who benefits? The simple answer is, guilty people. If forgiveness becomes commonplace the cost of doing ill deeds is lessened. It is diverting justice from restitution and compensation to victims. Unconditional forgiveness lulls us into complacency. We feel good about ourselves when in fact we should stand on the barricades demanding recompense from the guilty. Forgiveness has to be earned.

What does all this have to do with Trump? A lot of Trump supporters are enjoying a false sense of security. Due to the fact that Trump beat all the odds and won the election defying the pollsters, the media, the pundits, lobbyists, politicians and so on, we assume he will continue on a winning streak. Trump has demonstrated a superb persuasion game and the ability to operate on a level above normal human beings. I don’t dispute his mastery of skills that go above and beyond normal politicians. Using the “John Miller”-tapes to discredit the Washington Post hit squad, utilizing linguistic kill shots, relentlessly focusing on what actually wins elections i.e. Electoral College votes as opposed to amassing popular votes like Hillary, the examples are many. But, we mustn’t forget that things are different now.

Trump’s enemies have finished licking their wounds, they have learned and grown. Trump didn’t beat Hillary and the fake news media all on his own. An intrinsic part of the effort was the mass of regular people helping out. They attended and promoted the rallies, they pounded social media, they utilized memetic warfare to a degree never seen before. My point is that Trump won thanks to these activities outside of the official campaign. At the moment, a disturbing number of Trump supporters are justifying and interpreting personnel movement in the administration through rose colored glasses. Not every personnel decision is a 4D-chess move. Trump’s internal and external enemies are scheming, plotting and gaining strength.

Your efforts matter in real time. Pushing messages and narratives on social media and elsewhere can save a vulnerable administration official or help end the career of anti-Trump people. The direction of administration policies isn’t set in stone. They emerge through the pulling of strings, exertion of influence and the crafting of narratives. If Trump supporters remain “passive” due to their false sense of security, the anti-Trump and Never-Trump forces can walk over the abandoned battleground. Trump is fallible, he isn’t necessarily getting the best unbiased information about topics. We know that for instance National Security Advisor McMaster has nefarious motives and is giving highly questionable advice to President Trump.

Trump and his officials aren’t living in an insulated bubble. They react and adapt their strategies and tactics based on media coverage of policies and proposals. Knowing that the mainstream media is hopelessly biased with a leftward slant, it is the pinnacle of folly to allow them to dictate public perception unopposed. God Emperor worshipping memes are fun and energizing the base, but we must refrain from allowing them to mask our perception of reality. For Trump to implement the policies that we want, he needs allies. A lot of good, loyal and “ideologically pure” Trumpists have been stabbed in the back, ousted and removed. Never forget that this is war. Our enemies haven’t, and it shows in the personnel balance of power.

One thought on “Why God Emperor Worship is Mortally Wounding Trump

  1. I know it looked like that a while ago, I did shiver at the thought of one man up against the legions of the deep state. But, Trump is the god emperor and a lack of faith is inappropriate.
    Cows are cows because they give milke. Birds are birds because they fly. Mountains are mountains because they are huge. And Trump is Trump because he Trumps. Thát is what a god emperor does – trumping all his foes and ignite a guilded age.
    He is the god emperor by virtue of trumping everyone and anything aligned with the forces of evil. And you will see, all this and what exceeds your expectations. In fact, he is already exceeding expectations.

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