What The Troll Penis and a Pedestrian Bridge Tells Us About the Downfall of Norway

What The Troll Penis and a Pedestrian Bridge Tells Us About the Downfall of Norway

Being “woke” about the true condition of the world isn’t conducive to living a life free from stress and worry. More and more frequently we hear stories in the news that only serve to confirm the downward spiral our society is headed down. This last week in my home country of Norway, two stories in particular illustrate this lamentable development.

Out in the wilderness there was (and now is again) a rock formation that looks like an erect penis. It bears the name “The Troll Penis” and is a popular tourist attraction. A couple of days ago it was reported that the aforementioned rock formation had been the victim of an act of sabotage. Someone had cut through the part of the rock linking it to the mountain, causing it to fall down. This was reported not only in domestic media outlets, but also internationally due to its prurient nature.

Enough people were upset by this heinous act to start a campaign for the restoration of the rock to its former glory. A substantial amount of money was donated to this cause and the rock formation has now been repaired. What amazes me is that people, many people in fact were willing to part with so much money for such a frivolous undertaking. Everyday on my way to work I pass by homeless people begging for money, we already have more than enough problems to deal with. It becomes a question of prioritization, I fail to understand why people of otherwise sound mind can blow money on this wasteful endeavor. The second thing that baffles be is how quickly the repair job was completed. In less than a week the rock was restored using concrete (and rebar I think?). Construction projects usually take much longer than this, so why was this given such high priority?

Also in the news this week, a pedestrian bridge has been approved for construction over a road at a particular location in Oslo, the capital city. The location you might ask? Just outside the windows of PST, the national anti-terror/national security police headquarters. If the bridge is built to its approved specifications, pedestrians can literally look inside the windows into the offices of the people charged with preventing terrorist activity. Someone with nefarious motives couldn’t have an easier time perpetrating their villainy short of the building having transparent walls. This decision had been through several regulatory instances already. The police argued their case, but the concerns for the children of the nearby school won out.

Some important context is in order. Norway suffered a horrific double terrorist attack back in 2011 in which 77 people were brutally murdered and several hundred injured. The perpetrator was able to drive a car loaded with explosives right next to the primary government building of the executive branch of government. Prior to this incident, it had been decided to close this route to non-authorized vehicular traffic, but the implementation was stuck in bureaucratic hell. This failure has been muchly derided since the attack. Taking this into consideration, our politicians chose to prioritize a pedestrian bridge over national security. It is the equivalent of building a bank vault on the tarmac of an airport, so bank robbers only have a leisurely stroll to their getaway plane.

There was also leaked information from a military report about their readyness to defent the country against aggression. Unsurprisingly, the conclusion was dim at best. Taking all these stories into consideration I fail to see how our country can survive. Similar problems abound in other Western nations as well. A sharp and serious course correction is necessary to avoid the now almost inevitable iceberg dead ahead. I only fear that our so-called leaders will again not only fail to prevent the obvious catastrophe in plain sight, but that they will step on the gas and even boast about their virtue in so doing. God help us all.

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