What Did You Do In The Great War Daddy?

What Did You Do In The Great War Daddy?

If you’re even mildly interested in history, you’ve probably seen the British World War I era propaganda poster of a child posing this question to his father. At the time, the poster was meant to trigger a feeling of guilt in young men in order to get them to become soldiers for the meatgrinder on the Western Front. It conjures up powerful imagery and stirs intense emotions deep within us. Even something banal like the white feather movement had great impact on young men. Women would go around and give a white feather to any young MAM (military age male) without a uniform. The intention was to shame them into signing up for the British Army. Although I disagree with the usage of these methods at the time, due to the meaninglessness of the conflict in question, the sentiment behind it deserves closer scrutiny.

It can apply to us living in the present as well. The West is currently facing an existential struggle over its very survival. Luckily, it is without the endless artillery barrages, gas clouds, barbed wire and maimed bodies slowly and painfully dying in no-man’s land. The frontlines of today are airconditioned offices, desk chairs in living rooms and in the streets. No violence necessary. In a sense that is a testament to societal progress. The stakes however, have not changed. We are battling over what kind of system is going to rule Western civilization. The battle lines are drawn. Globalists, the European Union, large multinational organizations such as the United Nations, NGOs helping migrants into Europe and left-wing people and organisations on the one hand. On the other side, we find people like me, nationalists, identitarians, libertarians, the alt-right and other associated political groupings.

It is quite clear that our opponents are significantly more funded and enjoy markedly more institutional support than we do. Children are brought up in an educational system infeced with cultural Marxism, pro-migrant NGOs get significant money from our governments and the multinational organisations are salivating over every method of demographically replacing the native populations. Instead of succumbing to bottomless despair at the uphill nature of the struggle, we should seek inspiration from the WWI-era poster. We should imagine our answer to the question posed by our children in the future. We better have a damned good answer.

It is disheartening to see LGBT persons and organisations supporting the very same people that hate them. “LGBT against islamophobia” is disturbingly becoming increasingly common. We must have the honesty to admit that acceptance of LGBT lifestyles and Islam are not remotely compatible. We can’t have both. The fact that support for anti-LBGT views are a natural consequence of migrants from the third world. This should make our alarm bells ring. Just because we aren’t suffering from trench foot and able to see our enemy in feldgrau across no man’s land doesn’t mean that the conflict is any less real and immediate. Once we look at the question raised at the beginning we must be compelled to act. Support allies in the struggle with your time, money and effort. Donate to causes, spread the word, buy books, participate in demonstrations.

Once your conscience is clear from the totality of your actions in defence of the West, you can face your children’s question with your head held high. Being able to do so is well worth striving for. Do your part.

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