Using ASMR for Self-Improvement

Using ASMR for Self-Improvement

Let me give you some advice. I would recommend that you check out ASMR as a tool for self-improvement. Most people are probably unfamiliar with ASMR, so let me give you a short introduction. ASMR is a sense of relaxation (some describe it as “tingles”) your body creates in response to triggers. The most common triggers are auditory and visual. A good place to find ASMR content is therefore on YouTube. Thousands of hours of free content is available.

How do you go about trying out ASMR, and seeing if you can gain some benefits from it? Put on some headphones (a requirement, stand-alone speakers won’t work), eliminate all distractions that you can and go to YouTube and search for ASMR. Sort by all-time views and look for the most popular channels. If you get into ASMR you can explore more and find less popular channels, but the biggest ones are a great place to start. There exists a huge variety of different triggers, so you have to expose yourself to many in order to find what works for you. The effect you gain is individual. As an example, I usually don’t get the famed “tingly” sensation that many participants describe. Instead, I become deeply relaxed. I find ASMR to be a great tool for falling asleep. I use it for that purpose almost daily and I sleep fantastically as a result.

Something else I’ve noticed after viewing ASMR content for over a year now is that I don’t become bored by it. I’m a person that becomes bored easily if I don’t find the content I’m consuming to be engaging. ASMR is also useful as intentional background noise. I find the sound of my stand-alone freezer, my fridge, the sound of my washing machine etc to be annoying and distracting while reading. ASMR on the other hand doesn’t distract me. It effectively blocks the annoying sounds and replaces them with enjoyable triggers. In fact I’m listening to ASMR right now, almost all my blogposts have been written while I’ve listened to ASMR videos.

ASMR has been described as ear-porn by detractors. They’re not entirely wrong. Depending on your operational definition of pornography ASMR could reasonably be described as porn for your ears. The lack of drawbacks similar to those associated with regular porn scores points in ASMR’s favor. “Ear porn” isn’t going to distract you from your real relationships or put off your pursuit of a partner. ASMR addiction compared to porn addiction isn’t even in the same ballpark. I could easily be described as an ASMR addict, I don’t see how it would detract from my quality of life in any way, unless I only watched/listened to ASMR while skipping out on other activities. That isn’t likely to be the case, as ASMR is well-suited for being combined with other activities.

I therefore recommend that you give it a shot and check out if you can gain something useful out of it.

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