Trump is not infallible

Trump is not infallible

Bill Mitchell.

Bill Mitchell represents the cult of personality surrounding Donald Trump. The same cult of personality that was strongly condemned when it was Obama that inhabited the White House. The last week has been eventful for us Trump supporters. The missile strike on Syria was a watershed moment where the rubber hit the road. Campaign rhetoric met the realities of the presidency. Trump enjoyed the backing of many anti-war and anti-imperialist voters. Many of whom were former Bernie Sanders supporters. Since the strike on Syria a lot of people have publicly questioned their continued support of the Trump administration. Things that were passed over without too much scrutiny have now moved under the magnifying lens of numerous bloggers, commentators and other Trump supporters.

I, myself publicly opposed the missile strikes. I and many other Trump supporters worry that they were the prelude to a general war in Syria featuring US ground troops. If that were to happen I would disembark the Trump Train together with many others. I can confidently say that Trump is not going to secure a re-election if he loses a significant portion of his high-energy base. He barely beat Hillary with very narrow vote margins in many states. The next time there is a presidential election his opponents will have learned their lesson. Trump will not be underestimated again. If he disappoints his base by governing diametrically opposed to how he laid out his vision during campaign rallies, he is finished.

Back to Bill Mitchell. I have since the strikes listened to several debated between Bill and other leading Trump thought-leaders. Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux in particular. To me it appears that Bill is comfortable using 4D-chess as a catch-all explanation for all of Trump’s actions that defy other reasoning. It is true that Trump frequently during the campaign did things that defied first glance logic. The whole “John Miller” debacle is a perfect example. It appeared that the news media had uncovered a Trump scandal. It turned out that Trump himself leaked the audio-tapes to the media in order to counter them. The Trump-dirt-team was effectively discredited as a result. Bill’s seemingly blind belief in Trumps good judgment worries me. As Cernovich points out, if the information is crooked and the people providing it are dishonest then good judgment doesn’t matter. Good judgment requires good information.

Mike Cernovich has extensively covered recent personnel changes in the administration on his YouTube and Periscope streams. The National Security Council in particular seems to be undergoing a purge, where Trump loyalists are removed in favor of people with questionable motives and loyalties. Anti-war people have all but disappeared and the pro-war faction is rapidly growing in strength. Is this a result of some long term 4D-chess move by Trump? Is this the result of good judgment? I remain highly sceptical. The adherents of the cult of personality are ignoring Trump’s enemies. We have already seen their work, strategic leaks to the press at an unprecedented scale. They have already inflicted significant casualties on the Trump faction, most notably former National Security Advisor Flynn. It is naive to think that the Democrats, NeverTrump faction in the GOP and the Deep State are not competent in their quest to hamper Trump’s reforms. Only by discounting their actions can the good judgment sentiment flourish.

I believe that the cult of personality is harming Trump and the prospects of Trump’s agenda being implemented. Trump famously performs A-B testing as skilfully pointed out by Scott Adams. A perfect example of this is the split in the public views of the administration officials over the last week regarding Syria’s future. Some are talking regime change, while others are espousing no further escalation and no ground war. Trump is testing the waters and seeing the reactions of the public. Adhering to the cult of personality increases the likelihood of Trump following a “non-Trump” policy. By powerfully and publicly opposing diverting from Trump’s campaign vision we have an opportunity to influence Trump away from making a fatal mistake. If enough public pressure is mounted against the war-mongers the correct policy will ensue.

Bill, please come to your senses and help us avoid an early death of the Trump revolution.

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