The Vacuum at the Core of the Monopoly of Violence

The Vacuum at the Core of the Monopoly of Violence

One of the defining characteristics of modern states is the monopoly on the “legitimate” use of force. This monopoly as the term implies precluded other actors from exercising defensive violence. When the monopolists fail to utilize that monopolized force, a vacuum is created where the “legitimate” violence should have been. The G20 this week in Germany is a great example of this. Despite the presence of 20 thousand police (some claim the actual number is closer to 50 thousand) violent left-wing goon squads have been largely left to their own devices.

At every single major international meeting of either the G20, G8, G7, the WTO and so on the so-called black block makes their presence known. This unruly mob of unshaven, unkempt, unshowered thugs with an irrational hatred of Starbucks and a proclivity for “liberating” any private property they set their greedy eyes on invites a heavy-handed response from law enforcement. Historically I’ve been very sceptical of the militarization of police forces in the West. Their acquisition of surplus military hardware raises questions. The line between police and soldiers can seem blurry at times, only seemingly separated by different colored uniforms.

So when these militarized police forces allow the anarchist mob to wreak havoc and assault innocent bystanders at will, what is the population at large supposed to do and think? I think most people would agree that the right of self-defence is inherent and the most legitimate form of force in existance, only dogmatic pacifists would denounce it. The innocent shopkeepers, the inhabitants of the city under siege by the anarchist hordes and the innocent onlookers are left as sacrificial lambs before the slaughter.

In meme-culture it is a recurring joke to refer to “helicopter rides” and “right-wing death squads” as a response to left-wing aggression. We may laugh at the sentiment and casually brush it aside, but the repeated instances of absent policing of these kind of events will eventually invite a counterreaction. We have already seen the beginnings of this turn in the “Battle of Berkeley” and similar events. People are fed up about left-wing aggressors being allowed to run roughshod over any semblance of law and order, including attacking individuals until they lay bloodied in the streets. People can only take so much abuse before they snap. It is therefore imperative that the state run force-monopolists step up their game and protect the innocent as they are supposedly supposed to do.

It is well-known that the only response to looting and violent rioting that works is a swift and heavy-handed response. A curfew strictly enforced with serious consequences for looting is the only defence for poor innocent Starbucks locations. I think most of us shudder at the thought of radical left-wing forces duking it out with the equivalent on the right. This kind of escalation serves nobody.

Earlier today I listened to a conversation between Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux about Lauren’s experiences covering the G20 protests. I have to admit that I was shocked to hear about the collusion taking place between mainstream journalists and shopkeepers with Antifa and other radical violence-prone groupings. They allegedly reported her and other similarly minded people’s pictures and location to the nearest Antifa goon squad. In the charged political climate of today we all know what this entails. As if the mainstream media couldn’t murder their own credibility faster, they pull stunts like this. It frustrates me to no end seeing the world slide towards a dark future I and others desperately wish to avoid, for believe me it is coming. And when it does, it isn’t going to be pretty or peaceful.

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