The Terrifying Nature of a Zuckerberg Candidacy

The Terrifying Nature of a Zuckerberg Candidacy

There has been extensive speculation about who the Democratic candidates for the 2020 US presidential election are going to be. After the 2016 election it was said by many that the Democratic party lacked a bench of people ready to step in. In a sense, there was a generational vacuum in which there is a lack of candidates with a credible chance of winning. Following Trump’s ascendancy to the throne, the barrier for “irregular” candidates has been soundly broken. Who can be a candidate no longer needs to be limited to experienced politicians or military generals.

Apart from the obvious Democratic choices such as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Van Jones, Keith Ellison and others, we have a couple of “Trumpian” choices. A couple of weeks ago there was rumbling about a possible Dwayne Johnson run. His prospects for winning can’t be comfortably dismissed out of hand. Remember that Canada elected a surfing substitute drama teacher with a nice hairdo to be their elected leader. Taking into consideration the almost religious adherence to celebrity worship culture on the left, Johnson’s chances are in fact terrifyingly good. The other choices are worrisome either due to their nutty political positions, doubling down on identity politics mayhem (Warren & Ellison) or the strong persuasion game of Jones.

This brings us to Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg has been touring the US lately and making political speeches and comments. Entire books could be written refuting his support for a so-called “Universal Basic Income”. What worries me about his possible challenge to Trump is his control over Facebook. It isn’t a well-guarded secret that private search engine and social media companies have access to a ridiculous amount of sensitive private information about the population. Only a naive fool would believe that abuse of such information isn’t taking place. We already know that NSA workers have used the spying tools at their disposal to keep tabs on girlfriends and the like.

It has already been speculated that private IT companies have been blackmailing members of Congress with the information they have stumbled across during their work on governmental computer systems. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this turned out to be the case. If Zuckerberg could use Facebook for evil that is troubling enough a prospect to be vehemently opposed. But imagine what he could do if he could use the blackmail potential combined with the overreaching powers of the government. It would essentially be a quasi-dictatorship. We also know that the Silicon Valley gurus are mostly on the left and hang out with each other. Zuckerberg would thus plausibly have access to Google search data and information from other companies.

This sounds more like a dystopian science fiction nightmare than something in the near future. The seriousness of this prospect should inspire us to take action and make sure any Zuckerberg candidacy is soundly defeated at the ballot box in 2020.

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