The Soy Industrial Complex

The Soy Industrial Complex

They are pulling the strings behind the scenes. You see the breadth of their power at changing supermarket shelves, in the changes to the office cantina lunch menu and in the recent headlines about falling sperm counts. Big Soy is done hiding in the shadows, slowly concentrating power and influence until ready to spread its tentacles into all areas of society. The soy singularity is now.

I first took an interest in soy as a political and health related issue after noticing that many of the people I follow on Twitter talked negatively about it. I already knew that certain common elements of the Western food supply were harmful, such as high fructose corn syrup. This is a key factor of the obesity epidemic sweeping America. As a European myself, I didn’t grow up with HFCS as European food companies use sugar instead. HFCS can only be found in imports from the US. But soy is a different story.

Soy has swept across out shores in unending waves. Soy based meat substitutes have exploded in popularity. A few years ago you could find a few soy “meat” products if you looked deep enough in the freezer at your local supermarket. Now, they have occupied more and more shelf space and enjoy significant media coverage. Perhaps your office has decided to introduce “meat-free mondays” to the lunch room. Perhaps your child is being denied the proteinlicious benefits of meat on a particular day at school.

I fear that this creeping spread of soy is far more sinister than an agricultural lobby pushing for the adoption of their particular crop into people’s diet. Soy has latched onto environmentalism, like a malicious parasitical tumor. To the politically correct, social justice crowd it is a moral imperative to abstain from meat in order to “save the climate”. Carnivores are shamed as climate criminals, not caring about humanity’s future. I must applaud Big Soy’s remarkable political maneuvering on this, it far exceeds what the automobile industry has accomplished in pushing people to replace old polluting cars with new modern less polluting models.

The truly malevolent nature of soy is that it is diffcult to avoid. It has become more and more common as an ingredient in all kinds of foodstuffs. Don’t be surprised when you read the ingredient list of your favorite snack or premade meal, soy is everpresent. Does all this matter? What is it that makes soy so negative? It is connected with seveal different negative health outcomes, particularly the rapid decline in sperm counts across the Western world. It is literally killing what perpetuates humanity. Soy is therefore logically an enemy of humanity.

The next time a colleague suggests you join the cultish meat free ritual of soy worship known as meat free mondays, you tell that commie bastard that you are a red blooded human being and that you refuse to be cowed by shadowy masters. You must protect yourself, your children, your friends and loved ones from this invading parasitic threat. The future of humanity is at stake.


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