The Limitations of Pepe

The Limitations of Pepe

I’m happy to be alive in a time when seemingly impossible and amazing things can happen. Few would disagree with labelling the events occurring during the 2016 US Presidential Election season as more exciting and more improbable than most movies playing in cinemas. One of the truly fascinating aspects of Trump’s ascendancy was the rise of memetic warfare. The weaponized utilization of information and cultural artifacts to mould and bend public opinion is a truly innovative and exciting addition to an otherwise stale and boring political arena.

The bypassing of the information/truth blockade of the mainstream media was key to ensuring that a sufficient number of voters were informed about Trump’s actual policies and personal characteristics to ensure his victory. Similar to the convoys of the Second World War crossing the Atlantic, memetic warfare was the lifeblood keeping Trump’s campaign alive against seemingly impossible odds. Memetic warfare was key, but it didn’t secure victory in a vacuum. Without Trump’s iron-clad spine and personal attributes, especially his ability to weather the unending stream of foul abuse from the media, were key factors as well.

The “weaponized autism” of 4Chan was successful in it’s primary objective. It was able to secure the presidency for Trump. It is thus undeniable that it is important, influential and a factor to be taken into serious consideration in the future. That being said, it has limitations in its application as a political force. It secured the presidency in the election, but has it been able to safeguard the policies of said presidency? The latter proposition remains doubtful. Trump’s victory was astonishing in its conquering of the massive apparatus of the establishment. The glory in overcoming this strength is important, for the same strength of our opponents is now blaringly obvious for all to see.

Slowly but surely, the populists/MAGA-people in the administration are being eliminated and replaced with establishment old guard republicans. Although Trump was able to implement many good policies and decisions during the beginning parts of his presidency, more and more of the people connected with these decisions are being pushed out. Combined with the fact that the Congressional Republicans are openly working against Trump, perhaps even secretly plotting about impeachment, leaves me desperately worried about the future of Trumpism.

Even though efforts have been made to influence personnel decisions through memetics, such as the KeepBannon hashtag, such efforts have proved disappointingly ineffective. We must face the stark facts that the globalists are winning the battle over personnel. And personnel is policy. We also have massive counter-efforts against memetic warfare being deployed. Censorship, de-platforming, bannings and so on are rapidly ramping up in their frequency and breath in terms of targets politically. It began with the extreme outliers, such as the Daily Stormer, but it quickly escalated to include more and more mainstream voices right of center.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the 2018 midterms. I’m particularly looking forward to the efforts of people like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec. If the GOP continues to screw Trump over by intentional sabotage, they risk losing Congress. Nobody in their right mind doubts for even a second what the Democrats will do if they regain control there. Trump will be impeached faster than you can blink. The gatekeepers of politics aligned in a shadowy and nefarious cabal with Silicon Valley can prevent any reoccurrence of the magic of 2016. Trumpism could die with a whimper.

Greatness is born out of striving against opposition. I hope that memetic warfare can evolve to regain its efficacy and avoid becoming a victim of its own success. Resting on its laurels has proven disastrous. You could say that sassy memes secured the victory, but didn’t secure the “peace”. Right now Trump is going in the wrong direction and becoming more like a traditional establishment conservative neocon-ish president. It falls to the shoulders of basement-dwelling “autists” to rectify this situation, for the good of all mankind.

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