The Importance of Demographics

The Importance of Demographics

I didn’t appreciate the importance of demographics in political issues until the Trump presidential campaign. Since I come from Norway I was inundated from a young age with a deep-seated reluctance to touch issues having to do with where people come from. The political correctness that is prevalent through our society took me into its fold and shielded me from alternate viewpoints. Through discussions by people talking about issues relating to the campaign I encountered questions about demographics for the first time. I was not used to it being “okay” to raise questions or to point out the negative consequences tied to people from certain areas or people having certain religions coming into the west.

Luckily I come from Norway and not Sweden. Sweden is political correctness injected with anabolic steroids. Immigration is a political faultline in Nordic society. Rigorous and open discussion of the topic is therefore essential. If you question the mainstream view in Sweden you’re labelled a racist. It’s not quite that bad in Norway. Sweden’s anti-immigration party the Sweden Democrats have long been pushed out of the acceptable range of public opinion. This trend has slowly changed in recent years with the Sweden Democrats seeing their electoral support slowly increase. In Norway the anti-immigration party the Progress Party has seen more acceptance and for a longer period of time. They’re even part of the current coalition government. Discussing immigration has been tolerated to a much greater extent here compared to Sweden for many years. It’s therefore no surprise to me that we don’t have the same problems as Sweden currently suffers with violence, ghettos and no-go areas. Peaceful solutions begin with open dialogue. We’ve had it and Sweden has not.

The attitudes that were floating about when I was a child essentially equalled questioning immigrants with being a racist. I therefore shied away from critically questioning the topic of immigration for a long time. It took the seismic magnitude of Trump’s political rise to success to allow me to break the mould. In particular I owe much to Stefan Molyneux’s video presentations on various topics having to do with problems and negative consequences related to non-western immigration. I want my self-image to be of a man following the facts wherever they may lead. I therefore took the plunge and checked out Molyneux’s presentations and the videos and podcasts of others with similar views.

Through this journey of exploration I have come to the same conclusion that they have reached. Demographics matter. On one hand there are problems related to economic costs with non-compatible immigrants. On the other hand there are significant political consequences with third-world immigration. They overwhelmingly vote for left wing parties and candidates and consistently support bigger government (less freedom). Understanding this issue allows one to see how immigrants, refugees and the like have been used cynically by power-hungry politicians for personal gain. They’re basically cheating the rules of democracy by importing voters. The quest for liberty is being fought via one-on-one persuasion. We can never hope to be so successful as persuaders to outmatch the pace of non-liberty lovers being imported through rigged immigration policies. Eventually in a free society I would do away with government immigration restrictions, but as long as people’s opinions matter in choosing oppressors through the machinations of the democratic system I oppose immigration that is detrimental to the cause of freedom.

Sadly, the information that should be plastered all across our television screens and in our newsprint isn’t there. I had to dig deep to find it, and without Trump’s successful bid for the White House I probably would have remained ignorant. Taking into consideration the importance of this issue, we should prioritize the dissemination of information relating to this issue over more esoteric topics like the inner workings of the Federal Reserve (I’m looking at you libertarians!). Further on the demographical differences related to IQ are also important. I will write about that at a later date, once I have read a couple more books on the subject.

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