The Destructiveness of Smallness

The Destructiveness of Smallness

A lot of people have “smallness” at the core of their mindset. They aren’t interested in the grand scale big picture view of the world, but rather find solace in celebrity gossip, porn, weed culture, video games and aimless crawling through their friends’ pictures on social media. People that are interested in and concerned about the political and cultural future are somewhat rare. Another closely linked problem is that people on the edges of mainstream overton acceptability are captured. Artists refrain from criticizing the hand that feeds them, ie government due to government grants. University students are seduced into highly toxic thought patterns in the form of social justice and cultural marxism. They think they are “edgy” and rebels against the prevailing social order, while the truth is the complete opposite.

They are the vanguard of their own destruction. Smallness in perspectives and thinking isn’t limited to youngsters, I also find that newspapers and traditional journalistic outlets only scratch the surface in their societal analysis. They are far, far behind the current intellectual frontlines of Western thought. Only through the internet can one find those who have broken free from the shackles of mental limitation. The truly interesting, engaging and most importantly meaningful discussions happen online and in the real world through online organising. A colossal problem the West finds itself in the middle of is that our economic success has produced the seeds of our eventual fall from grace. The magnificent economic output we have enjoyed has also given birth to distractions of unparalleled appeal.

Glossy magazines, clothing botiques on every corner, celebrity gossip displacing in-depth news analysis, the prevalence of pornography and the wide spread usage of video games are part of this problem. People are depositing their time and effort into activities that don’t further the cause (or even bare survival) of our basic societal values, such as free speech, rule of law and so on. Browsing Facebook, Twitter and browsing through Netflix aimlessly unfortunately has significant appeal so the vast majority of the population. I’m not sitting on a high horse, looking down at the unwashed masses of “plebs”. I myself for many years was a part of this problem. I’ve spent tremendous amounts of time on watching mediocre television shows, movies and video games. I know what it is like. I can see how my time playing World of Warcraft functioned as a substitute for real world achievement. I spent effort on gaining fanxy in-game pixels, instead of working on self-improvement or figuring out what my life purpose was going to be.

All of this wouldn’t be such a big issue if the vapid, celebrity obsessed masses would simply stand out of the way. The problem with our democratic form of government is that this “block” of normies functions as a rubber band strongly resisting change or any radical departure from the status quo. We thus find ourselves in the unenviable situation of having to care. Someone much wiser than myself has stated the following truism: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.” Sadly, the Western world as it currently stands finds itself in the last sentence.

I know people that are very concerned about the rights and life quality of transgendered individuals. Leaving aside the discussion regarding the validity of transgenderism for the sake of argument, this is a perfect example of smallness in practice. Why are people so concerned about the tiny, tiny perecentage of the population this affects rather than the very survival of our civilization? What will happen to our acceptance and tolerance of transgendered individuals if the West is demographically replaced with people from the Middle East and Africa? To ask the question is to answer it. We are unable to look beyond what is right infront of our noses to the hill on the horizon. Our tolerance in the moment for non-tolerant people and values is killing the fertile ground for tolerance in the future. Put more distinctly, smallness is killing greatness. We also see this with feminists screeching about “mansplaining”, “manspreading” and other such nonsense. I hope they are aware of the status of women’s rights in Islam and that those values are gaining strength, rapidly.

I dream of a world where celebrity gossip truly can be at the top of the list of things we are concerned about. That would mean we would have had to solve our current existantial problems and confronted the forces threatening our survival. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. But, that is a vision of the future, not reality. I wish that we all could learn to prioritize, if not we’re deeply fucked as a civilization.



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