The Alt-Right, Pragmatism and The Veil of Ignorance

The Alt-Right, Pragmatism and The Veil of Ignorance

I think that many people fail to make the distinction between the kind of politics they support in an ideal sense, versus what they support as practically achievable. Speaking for myself, I’m sympathetic towards many of the tenets within the Alt-Right. By “Alt-Right” here I’m referring to Vox Day’s points outlining the ideological foundation of the Alt-Right, I’m not referring to idiots either waving Nazi paraphernalia or associating with people that does. Taken objectively, I disagree with the end goals of the Alt-Right, I prefer individualism and I don’t really care about ethnicity if I’m surrounded by a political system with a strong, fair and equal-for-all ruleset.

That however isn’t even remotely close to describing the reality we are all living in. “Our enemies” on the left have beaten us over the head with identity politics for so long now, that a strong and forceful response was simply inevitable. Here I’m focused on the ideological and idea side of politics, not the optics part (tiki torches yea/nay as an example). What first drew me into politics was the violation of my inherent sense of fairness. One political party in particular didn’t receive a fair shake in the Norwegian press. I identified with them as underdogs, unfairly maligned by the press. The same applies now in terms of identity politics. I’ve resisted identity politics for a long time, but I and many other white people can no longer sit still and cede the battleground to rabid social justice warriors.

I hate the fact that identity politics have become a thing, but since they have white people deserve to have their concerns heard and represented. The behavior of the left has thus created all the justification necessary for the Alt-Right. It is the logical response to their unending focus on what you have between your legs, who you sleep with, the color of your skin and so on. If it is acceptable and good for all the other ethnicities of the world to take care of themselves, then whites can’t be excluded. The left can’t criticize the Alt-Right without hitting themselves in the face with their own hypocrisy.

That being said, if the left dropped identity politics and began treating people equally, combined with sensible immigration policies, thing would be different. If immigration could be halted and demographic replacement prevented through repatriation, thus securing the future for “whites”, my interest in and support for identity politics would dissipate. That is where I part ways with the Alt-Right. They are interested in pushing identity for its own sake, I’m only on the ride for defensive purposes. At heart, I remain a individualistic libertarian. I fully concede the point that individualism in itself hasn’t proved strong enough to defend against concerted tribalism in the form of massive non-Western immigration, but in my mind individualism remains the best end goal for our ideal society.

John Rawls in his “A Theory of Justice” talks about the concept “Veil of Ignorance” to describe the condition one would be in when creating an ideal societal structure. The idea is that you are tasked with setting up society without knowing who you are, your gender, race, level of wealth, talents and so on. Therefore, you are interested in creating as fair as possible outcome for all people regardless of outcome. I bring up Rawls to distinguish between what I support pragmatically, the Alt-Right, and what I support outside the context we are living in. You could say that the path to my ideal free society goes through the Alt-Right, while a free individualistic libertarian society remains the end goal. I don’t believe I’m alone in seeing the Alt-Right as a tool for reaching my desired destination, without considering it the end of the line.

It is unfortunate that the media is focusing on the street brawlers and not the deep thinkers such as Vox Day. The Alt-Right is useful both as a tool and waypoint on the path to a free society, but also as a force expanding the boundaries of the Overton window allowing a more robust discussion about politics.

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