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Reclaiming Visual Glamour From The Left

What does “politics is downstream from culture” mean in practice? Earlier today I was browsing through music videos on YouTube and the gears and cogwheels in my brain started spinning. I don’t usually use...

Is “Boring-Shaming” the new Slut Shaming? 0

Is “Boring-Shaming” the new Slut Shaming?

I have been “boring-shamed” in my life. I’ve been accused of being a boring person. I don’t go out and drink until I vomit, I don’t sleep around with a new Tinder-partner every week,...

Are Children’s Stories Healthy? 0

Are Children’s Stories Healthy?

Lying in bed last night, I had the following though pop into my head. Are Disney princess stories healthy for children? In Disney stories and in fairytales a common theme recurs. A great example...