Supplanting Real News With Left-Wing Comedy

Supplanting Real News With Left-Wing Comedy

I’m becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of diversity of opinion amongst web-based political talk shows. As a guy that is interested in politics way more than the average person, I often seek out esoteric tidbits, anecdotes and interesting minutia. Sadly, I often find that only shows with a clear left-wing bias cover the particular stories I’m interested in. I find myself confronted with either giving them views and ad revenue or with not finding out more about the stories. There has existed and continues to be a vacuum on the non-leftist side of covering the non-top stories in the realm of politics. Coverage of the big events are a dime a dozen, but a lot of truth and insight is to be found in the small stuff that the large news organisations don’t want to or have time to cover.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if the alternative with opposing viewpoints existed. I enjoy comparing viewpoints from different sources, especially when they come from opposing sides of the political spectrum. But the lack of non-leftist talking heads often means that I’m relegated to only getting the leftist view. This was all brought to a head in last year’s epic American election cycle. I didn’t care at all about Romney v. Obama in 2012, but this time I spent at least 1000 hours last year between videos, live streams, podcasts, articles, books and so on about the election. As Andrew Breitbart famously stated: “Politics is downstream from culture”. If the political forces aligned against the totalitarian, cultural Marxist, diversity worshipping, demographically replacing and commie loving trends suffocating the West today don’t fully and forcefully enter the realm of political culture, we will never see societal change for the better.

There are some voices on the right that I turn to, but they are small and not particularly influential. We have Fox News’ Gutfeld and Louder with Crowder, but not much else of note. This means that radical left-wing fanatics can casually dictate the narrative about many political stories virtually unopposed. They simply win the battle of ideas by default. This is unacceptable to me. Even worse than most on the right, libertarians are perhaps the worst at this battlefront. They (we) endlessly go on and on about the downsides of central banking, fractional reserve currencies, minute regulations covering the manufacturing of bedsheets and so on. Completely neglected are topics of interest to particularly young people.

I don’t dispute the factual accuracy of the claims made by libertarians, but what value is there in being factually correct if few ever hear about your stance? All the while the forces of socialism, central planning and keynesianism march on in the cultural realm without opposition. We know that many millennials, university/college students and so on primarily get their news from the Daily Show and similar programs. The audiences of classic television news are extremely old and quickly dying out. Often the average cable news viewer is 50+ (Fox is 60 or 70+ if I remember correctly). It therefore makes sense to spend more time and effort on providing alternative voices and content in the cultural sphere rather than churning out yet another policy paper on topics already covered ten times previously.




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