Strategizing 2020: The Restoration of Dignity

Strategizing 2020: The Restoration of Dignity

It is no secret that Trump’s opponents are up in arms about his behavior so far in office. His New York speaking style has them tearing their hair out, his morning/late night tweetstorms has them shuddering with revulsion and some of his personnel choices rubs them the wrong way. No matter our partisan viewpoints, I think we could all agree that the 2016 election season was the nastiest in living memory. The vitriol, the hatred, the violence and the slanderous remarks thrown back and forth far surpassed anything anyone would or could have predicted.

Taking this into consideration, I expect the Democrats to soon realize that while the Russia line of attack has failed to oust Trump, the smoke it has created isn’t enough to accomplish their long-term objectives. Their strategy will therefore change. This doesn’t mean that they will drop the Russia conspiracy theory, that will never happen. They have come too far to admit defeat or that they were wrong. Their new line of attack I predict will come along the lines of the restoration of dignity to the office of president. The Democratic candidates will flaunt their propriety and how dignified they promise to be while in office. Although Trump’s sometime viciousness and tweeting are remarkably popular with the base, there is a significant segment of the American voting base that wants Trump to scale it back or drop it altogether.

Some people will no doubt simply wish for the “Trump abnormality” to end, with the policy positions of the Democratic challenger taking a backseat to the dignity angle. The mainstream media will back up this narrative as much as they can, clamoring for a return to the “good old days”.

This line of attack isn’t limited to only the Democrats. Never-Trump establishment figures could very well push Pence to challenge Trump in the 2020 primary season. Knowing their endless capacity for underhandedness and betrayal, I wouldn’t rule out a backstabbing before this. It can hardly be denied that Pence has conducted himself in an unfailingly respectable manner since his inauguration as Vice President, or even since his selection as Vice Presidential candidate. He has done a remarkable job as the number two guy, always backing up Trump without stepping on any toes. There was some rumbling a few weeks back that Pence was involved in fundraising and some nefarious plan to topple Trump. I haven’t heard about this allegation since, so I can’t speak for its validity. The never-Trump people would do well to remember that the Democrats would love for Trump to go, so their classic playbook of dirty tactics would become applicable again.

For better or for worse, the GOP is stuck with Trump as their standard-bearer for the next few years. Instead of acting on their defeatist instincts, they should get with the times and back up the leader of the free world. If they were decent, honest people not bought by campaign contributions this might actually (key word being “might”) happen. Sadly, as we all know they are as much a part of the swamp as the Democrats. Trump therefore finds himself in the same position he found himself in prior to November 8th, opposed and challenged by both major parties.

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