Should I laugh or Cry? The Essence of What Is Wrong With The Modern World

Should I laugh or Cry? The Essence of What Is Wrong With The Modern World

Scrolling through my usual list of news sites I stumbled upon this beauty on BBC News. “South Korea halts anti-missile Thaad rollout”, oh this is a big story I thought, what is the reason for this development? Environmental impact studies. I immediately got a mental picture of Donald Trump standing on stage during a campaign rally shaking his head and throwing his arms up into the air in sheer frustration. He talked about environmental impact studies quite a bit. But, let’s get back to South Korea. To me this is a perfect crystallization of what is wrong with our modern world. We can’t prioritize what is important anymore. The proclaimed purpose of THAAD is to intercept North Korean nuclear tipped missiles. But that has now been halted, because it might impact some birds or plants…

Not a word about the environmental impact of atomic explosions going off, should madman Kim decide to commit national suicide and launch missiles in anger. For the sake of argument let’s pretend that what is said in public is accurate. The South Korean government is seriously more interested in potential harms to the environment, rather than national defence. We see this exact same sentiment in the West, where hurt feelings on social media and pathological altruism trumps national defence and combatting terrorism. Not only governments and politicians, but regular people are much more concerned with celebrity gossip and getting a tan than the future of their countries and civilization.

That having been said, the actual truth is probably more complex. The environmental impact study is in all likelihood a ruse by South Korean politicians to delay the implementation of THAAD due to its controversial nature domestically. The impact study cleverly delays outrage and creates manoeuvring room for them to wiggle their way between popular outrage and the need for national defence. Similarly, the US is much more interested in the capabilities of the radar systems associated with THAAD in monitoring China, than the missile defence capabilities of the system.

Most of the problems plaguing the West today can trace back their roots to the same problem. Our abilities to sort problems by urgency and importance is sorely lacking. This goes for both the government, bureaucrats and politicians and also for the civilian population. Not only do we see a complete failure in doing this, but those that are actually honestly interested in prioritizing are attacked and strongly criticised. The left and their outrage machine has shown that they are perfectly capable of being concerned and taking action over future problems. They are extremely concerned about climate change in the year 2100. But they are doing everything in their power to shut down discussion of demographic changes and the challenges associated with those changes.

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