Reflections on my First Decade of Adulthood

Reflections on my First Decade of Adulthood

I recently turned 28 and have thus officially been an “adult” for ten years. I’ve had some time to reflect on what I have accomplished in this period of time and on what I failed to accomplish. Looking back can be a useful exercise in order to gain insight into how one should live their life going forward. Like most people, I have gained insights and knowledge over the years that I wish I would have had access to at the beginning. This 2020 hindsight applies to everyone I think and it is important to not let it dominate completely. We all have regrets, in my particular case I don’t think I’m to blame for failing to do things based upon knowledge I didn’t have at the time.

Apart from frequent hiking trips and walks, I wasn’t physically active or engaged in exercise until very recently. I thus failed to obtain a strong physique and all the related health benefits. I was struck by chronic illness early on, this severely limited my activities outside the home. I attended university, but I was just as frequently at the local hospital as I was at campus. This stunted my networking and social development to a great extent. Luckily, I didn’t waste (much) time on video games, TV and so on. I read a lot of books, several hundred in fact.

Thinking back now, I realize that I laid the foundations for my exploration of the conservative counterculture that has grown in the Trump era. Yesterday, Molyneux posted several informative tweets about sexual statistics and their relation to the age of sexual debut. With these statistics in mind, I’m thankful that I successfully avoided falling into typical traps of modern sexually liberated/permissive culture. I didn’t get anyone pregnant, I avoided STDs and I now find myself in the statistical category with the greatest likelihood of a successful and happy marriage. My long-term happiness is thankful for this outcome. At the time, in my early twenties I lamented my inability to be social and partake of the opportunities, but now I acknowledge that I pulled the longest straw by avoiding all the negatives.

This formative decade was to a large extent focused on political topics. In addition to hundreds of books, I’ve consumed thousand of hours of interviews, podcasts, videos, audio recordings and so on which have increased and developed my insight into politics. Without this part of the journey, I wouldn’t have arrived at the conclusions I now have arrived at. The culture around me certainly isn’t conducive to appreciating traditional values. I’m thankful to the Trump movement especially for crosspolinating me to figures such as Ayla (Wife With A Purpose), Tara McCarthy, Lady Lily and all the other twitter users talking about traditional relationships. Tomorrow I will talk about my journey from staunch childfree life advocate to now having a deep desire for a large family.

In summary, while forces outside my control and my lack of knowledge limited much of what happened, I instead got room to grow intellectually as a person. I was able to devote significantly more time to politics and learning about the world, than the majority of my contemporaries. I didn’t have a particular purpose or goal in life, but now I do. I wouldn’t have found it without going through this particular path and I thus don’t regret having lived life in this way. Looking ahead at the next decade I see purpose, I have a vision and I have significantly more things I want to do than I have time for. I now live purposefully, driving my actions deliberately towards my goals. This is all thanks to the time and energy I’ve spent reflecting on my past, opportunities missed and opportunities seized. I refuse to get mired down in regret and longing over what could have been. I choose to only focus on wrestling control over my future possibilities for life. And so should you.

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