Reclaiming Visual Glamour From The Left

Reclaiming Visual Glamour From The Left

What does “politics is downstream from culture” mean in practice? Earlier today I was browsing through music videos on YouTube and the gears and cogwheels in my brain started spinning. I don’t usually use YouTube for music videos so in general I’m quite unfamiliar with music videos as a medium. I just finished “The Power of Glamour” by Virginia Postrell a few days ago, so I was primed to be aware of the glamorous set pieces contained in the videos. We also know that Hollywood, the music industry and artists in general tilt heavily towards the left. This is an underapreciated problem by us on the right side of the spectrum.

Humor is an effective tool for political persuasion. This is why late night “comedy” is so dangerous. Humor bypasses out brain’s critical faculties and allows political arguments to escape close scrutiny. This problem goes beyond weaponized late night programs, we must also care about the deficiency of right-leaning artists and performers in the cultural sector. We live in democracies in the West, and unless something drastic changes that is going to continue for some time. Therefore it is necessary to be present in the cultural sphere to counter the persuasion-by-default that the left currently to a large degree enjoys. Young people in particular can be reached through popular music.

Another aspect of popular modern music videos is the common vision they seem to portray. You see a lot of different people from varying backgrounds cavorting, hanging out and shaking their asses together. I interpret this as a visual argument in favor of unrestricted multiculturalism. It conveniently brushes over all the problems and issues we find in the real world that have to be taken into consideration. Religion, ethnic strife and other sources of conflict don’t come through the message of unity we see in the videos. This is political persuasion at the highest level reaching the critical young millennial demographic. Pop artists today are overtly political, as we saw during the last election cycle. Millennials went heavily in favor of Hillary, only their low turnout numbers saved the West with the ascendancy of Trump. It is naive to believe that they can’t be talked into voting next time, especially now that they have seen what happens when they don’t. Millennials are also going to be with us for a long time, so the earlier we enter the playing field on equal terms with our own cultural product the better our chances will be in the long run.

Why do I have such a high faith in the potential of visual persuasion? Because I know from personal experience that it works. I’ve written in earlier posts about my journey through typical leftist degeneracy to where I am now. For a young male the “porn aesthetic” found in erotic material, modern music videos, television programs and movies and so on draws one towards the values and ideas espused by the actors and artists. Invariably these are left-wing messages. A powerful tool that moved me towards desiring healthy and wholesome traditionalism are the images on social media of traditional women, wearing ornate hairstyles such as complex braids, wearing traditional garb and such. All of you posting such material on social media, keep it going.

The glamorous visuals of idealized traditional women can replace the degenerate eroticized aesthetic currently dominating popular culture. This is just one example of the potential that is ripe for development in our cultural struggle against the left. It is unfortunate that we have had too much of a focus on factual political and economic arguments and have abandoned culture to our opponents. This is not to denigrate those with non-degenerate mindsets in the cultural sphere currently. They are the pioneers that we will have to build on in order to recapture politics through culture.

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