Re-Embracing The Values of Christmas

Re-Embracing The Values of Christmas

As a child, the key part of Christmas was the presents. Little materialistic me looked forward to the big day for weeks upon weeks. The day before was torturous. Sometimes my parents decided to wait with the gift openings until the afternoon. To me that only served to prolong the agony needlessly. Now as an adult, I’ve finally come to realize the importance of strengthening the familial bond between parents, children and the extended family. A couple of years ago I realized that that was the first year of my life where I found more enjoyment in giving gifts rather than receiving them. To me that symbolized a kind of milestone of adulthood.

As a teenager and young adult, I unfortunately didn’t appreciate my family enough. I exercised an independent streak, leaving family dinners and events like Christmas somewhat early, only to return to my apartment for hours of video gaming. I cringe upon revisiting the memory. On the phone with my parents earlier today, I was saddened by the fact that I would have to leave before midday on Christmas Day (where I’m from December the 24 is the main celebratory day) as they had important plans for that day. Even as recently as last year, I rushed them in order to return home.

All of this is indisputably connected to my political transformation during the glorious year of 2017. I don’t think that I would have come to see the light on family if I hadn’t explored traditional values as part of my political exploration of the New Right, Alt-Right and Trumpism. If this is true for me, I can only imagine how many other young people (men in particular) are currently in the middle of a similar realignment of their value structure. For our societies as a whole, this movement towards strengthening societal and familial cohesion can only be a force for good.

Having strong families, healthy bonds between parents and children, trust between members of the citizenry and so on are essential ingredients in reforming politics towards a more nationalistic and anti-globalist bent. This foundation is absolutely key if we are going to reverse the unfortunate and dangerous trends currently steering the ship of Western civilization towards the maelstrom. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate gifts. Being able to receive gifts properly is also important. Many people are struggling with how to receive compliments without feeling awkward. In this vein, focusing on the sentiment behind the giving of Christmas presents is an important understanding that should transcend and fleeting disappointment over yet another pair of woollen socks.

While my Atheism remains, I’ve come more and more to appreciate the cultural ballast that Christianity has and continues to provide our societies. The decline of this religion has only served to provide a vacuum for Islam to fill, to our detriment. Thus, I’m unable to speak genuinely on the spiritual side of Christmas. That being said, I’m sure that those who enjoy and partake of this aspect of the holiday season can earnestly and eagerly convey the benefits it has given them and their families.

So, be open to learning and changing personally. Appreciate the importance of cultural traditions and institutions, and enter the new year fully rejuvenated and recommitted to retaking the West from the forces currently battling us for control. Merry Christmas!

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