Putin’s Evil Master Plan

Putin’s Evil Master Plan

I’ve written about similar thoughts several times earlier, but the facts simply keep lining up, so I’ll have another go. I don’t think it is inconceivable that Putin and his intelligence agencies have a hand to play with the Russia conspiracy. Not in the sense that they colluded with the Trump campaign in order to undermine Hillary and help Trump across the finish line, but rather in order to undermine the United States. Proxy wars between great powers is not a new phenomenon. The US and Russia (Soviet Union) clashed in Afghanistan in the 80’s, in Vietnam in the 60’s/70’s, in Korea in the 50’s and so on. Similar to how warfare has evolved through “generations” (read up on fourth generation warfare if you’re unfamiliar) it doesn’t take a leap of faith to think that proxy wars have evolved as well.

What if Putin planned to leak strategically and tactically along the way information to fuel the current witch hunt in Washington? Remember that Putin is a former KGB agent, and that he has personally seen popular uprisings topple several regimes in his lifetime. East-Germany, the Warsaw Pact countries, the color revolutions in the former Soviet republics are all case studies that Putin is intimately familiar with. Wouldn’t it make sense to attempt to do something similar against their long-time nemesis the United States? The role of the Soviets in pushing the Overton window in academia, spreading cultural Marxism, aiding anti-establishment groups including black separatist and feminist groups is well known.

As a political gamble it makes perfect sense for Putin to choose this path over reconciliation hoping that Trump would be able to better relations. Putin as an elder statesman knows the influence in the bureaucracy, lobbying/pressure group class and intelligence agencies all would work against Trump in a push towards a normalization of relations. A full restoration of friendly relations might be the best outcome for Putin and Russia, but it has a low probability of succeeding and a high risk of failure. A simple risk analysis would point Putin towards the strategy of undermining American societal cohesion. Once you light a bonfire it burns on its own, you don’t have to continuously provide flames.

The mouth-watering salivating following the recent developments in the Mueller investigation seen on the political left is perhaps the clearest indication of the efficacy of such a plan on Putin’s part. Colbert and his fellow pretend-comedians of late night are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of further developments. They want Trump to fail and are actively fuelling the mistrust and discord in the public sphere between the two sides of the political spectrum. This leads us to look at what would actually happen if Trump was found guilty of treason.

Let’s for the sake of argument say that Trump and his campaign colluded just as alleged with Russia. What is the endgame that the left wants? Giving the presidency to Hillary, reversing all the decisions made by Trump and his officials? Is that even possible within the framework of the law? The elephant in the room is what would happen with Russia. Such a serious attack on American democracy would have to mean war. Mr Colbert, do you want us all to die in a nuclear holocaust in World War III? That is the only logical result of what you’re hoping for.

Realistically they might be able to make the case that Trump and Pence must go. Then the presidency would go to Paul Ryan or another uniparty establishment creature. I’m sure they could live with that. Knowing that the collusion narrative is pure fiction, what are the risks Putin have to deal with? If successful he would have made the Americans attack themselves and hamper Trump’s manoeuvrability on the foreign policy stage, giving Putin more room to do what he wants. If found out he could easily dismiss it as fake news if that even became necessary. I certainly don’t believe that the people pushing the collusion narrative would even be able to believe that. They would simply dismiss it as an attempt at misdirection on the part of Trump and his allies.

Thus, we have a relatively risk free, high ROI plan with a high probability of success. In fact, speaking pragmatically it might even be described as rational for Putin to engage in constructing the narrative framework of the Russia collusion story. If I was in his shoes and my chief concerns were Russian self-interest it certainly would be tempting. Remember that Putin is hardly going to be dissuaded by the ethics of it all, this is a leader accused of having political opponents and journalists murdered. In the end, the late-night comedians, the mainstream media and the left are the one’s “colluding” with Russia and Putin (provided that this is what happened).

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