Punishing The Correct Response

Punishing The Correct Response

Today I offer you three recent case studies of the correct and moral response to a situation being vehemently criticised and lambasted. Two involve Trump and one his Secretary of Education, DeVos. Much has already been said about the events that took place surrounding the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Pearl-clutching reporters within the mainstream media could hardly believe what their sensitive little ears heard during Trump’s infrastructure press conference following shortly afterwards. Trump put the moral blame for the violence and destruction on “both sides”. In doing so he essentially divided the people involved in the happenings in Charlottesville into four distinct groups. First you have the peaceful pro-statue rallygoers exercising their legitimate first amendment right, backed up by a federal court order. Then you have the “bad” people, also on the pro-statue side. These are the supremacists, klan members, Nazi-flag wavers and so on. The media in their infinite dishonesty didn’t make this distinction. Then on the other side you had the peaceful anti-statue people and finally the violent club-wielding Antifa thugs.

The media of course in pushing their agenda neglected to convey the fact that the peaceful pro-statue and violent anti-statue groups were represented. It was brave for President Trump to make this distinction as it certainly wasn’t politically expedient. Refreshing is a word that comes to mind when we see a politician doing what is right, rather than what benefits them in the moment. Now, what are the wider implications of this? Thugs, criminals, violence-prone individuals and other vermin with “correct” political attitudes can venture forth confident that the mainstream media and most political figures (including numerous police chiefs!) will have their back. The old adage that you get more of what you subsidize applies here. Expect more violence and thuggery and worse conditions for peaceful expressions of free speech.

Trump has also drawn a torrent of harsh words and a renewed wave of “Trump-is-Hitler!” following his decision on DACA. Again, his decision on the matter is the correct response. DACA was illegal from its inception and a power grab by the Obama administration. Such power grabs by the Executive Branch should worry us all. Trump’s move here is a restoration of the rule of law. Sadly, most people are reacting emotionally. Although it is certainly lamentable that the beneficiaries of the program might face some tough times, we mustn’t for a second forget what is at stake here. Allowing the short-term feel good solution to prevail with amnesty is an open invitation to violate the law for millions upon millions of potential illegals south of the border. The rule of law is way too important to be sacrificed on the altar of emotional politics.

Additionally, setting the precedent that illegal power grabs are alright is deeply worrying. We have seen how quickly political power can shift from one side to the other. This should give liberals and others pause in their advocacy for amnesty. You like the application of that principle here, but you will regret it when your opponents use it to their own benefit. Or they would rather, if amnesty wouldn’t guarantee the eternal supremacy of the Democratic Party through the importation of millions upon millions of additional voters. With the small margins in many states in last year’s election, this would forever deny the Republicans national political power ever again.

Finally, we have education secretary Betsy DeVos’s excellent decision to overhaul the kangaroo court system on college and university campuses. It has been Kafkaesque to have a legal system separate on campus separate from that of wider society. Those accused of sexual misconduct have not had the right to have a proper defence, with accusers afforded wide leeway. Add to this mix ideologically driven administrators indoctrinated with social justice and feminist lies and you get a recipe for miscarriages of justice. It makes no sense that law enforcement trained in handling such accusations wouldn’t be involved, but that separate less competent equivalents would take charge. Reforming this nightmare is the only moral, decent and logical solution to a system run amok.

As we all know by now, doing the right thing in the current political climate makes one a target for verbal punishment. All the usual suspects have by now called DeVos a defender of rapists, molesters and so on. They claim that victims are going to be defenceless and on and on. I long for the day when society’s moral compass can be properly realigned back to common sense again.




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