Proving The Validity of Metapolitics

Proving The Validity of Metapolitics

The Norwegian parliamentary election is about a month away. In the media we have seen all kinds of politicians coming out in defense of “Norwegian values”. There have been many interviews with party leaders, parliamentarians, letters to the editor and so on debating what those values are and whether or not they are threatened. This tells me that the metapolitical work of the European New Right has been effective. This kind of debate, especially at this wide level wouldn’t have happened without pressure from non-parliamentary groups and forces, committed over time to shifting the Overton window.

It is without doubt that the European migrant crisis has accelerated problems and concerns connected to demographic shifts taking place all over Europe. Immigration policy was an important and hotly contested issue prior to this, but the immediacy of the situation now has raised the temperature of the debate significantly. Supporters of demographic replacement are calling those opposed all the usual terms found in the grab bag of social justice slanderous labelling. Opponents of current trends have been pushed significantly “to the right”, including myself. A few years ago, I would have self-described as an open-borders libertarian. Now, I’m a staunch defender of Trump’s wall and becoming more and more identitarian by the day.

The online discussions about demographics, including the statistics on IQ, welfare usage, propensity for criminality between different groups have all played important parts in this shift. Though they aren’t referenced directly in the mainstream press, they undoubtedly have affected common citizens in their personal struggle with these issues. Politicians being the eternal opportunists that they are, have responded to this general shift in the population. At the same time, it should be mentioned that the reason we have this public debate over values now is due to the imminent election. I can clearly remember noticing a few years ago that there suddenly was a plethora of municipal workers sweeping the streets, fixing potholes and so on, just prior to the local municipal elections. So, we can reasonably expect that this debate will die down after the ballots have been cast.

But that shouldn’t dispirit us. Rather, it should inspire us to continued efforts in the field of metapolitics. The establishment forces have the mainstream press and academia locked down tight. Seeing concrete examples of metapolitical effectiveness in the political issues being brought up should fuel our ambitions even further. The work being done by alternative publishing houses, blogs, social media channels and so on are impactful, just in the same manner as traditional newspapers, academicians and so on.

In the 80’s Norwegian politicians publicly expressing critical viewpoints towards immigration were pelted by eggs and fruit and had to have police protection. Now the mainstream anti-immigration party is part of the governing coalition. Change can happen, and those possessing the virtue of patience can choose the direction through regular and committed work.

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