Problems in LGBT-land

Problems in LGBT-land

In my country dissent on this topic is absolutely “haram”. Support for both LGBT-people and the associated political agenda is almost mandatory. I find the lack of separation between acceptance of LGBT-persons as individuals and LGBT-politics troubling. Personally, I’m very much of a libertarian on the personal aspects of LGBT-persons. Whatever they do in the privacy of their own home is their own business. But the LGBT-politics we have seen sweeping the Western world is a different matter.

The problems aren’t limited to the LGBT-issue itself, but encompasses leftist social policies in general. They don’t have specified parameters with clear goals, but instead they always grow and expand. First, they sought acceptance for gays and lesbians (and bisexuals I guess), then it rapidly moved on to trans-persons. Now that they have “won” that fight as well, we see the early indications of moving on to paedophilia (at least some outlets have put out articles indicating as much). There is no stop or end station, they must move forward.

A recent national issue is illuminating. The debate over police participation in the annual LGBT++ parade is very telling. The failure of the police to clamp down and prevent a march by self-described Neo-Nazis earlier this month created a national hubbub. I’ve argued in another post on this march that it is telling that they chose an anti-LGBT slogan instead of an anti-Semitic one. They wanted attention and to offend. It isn’t unreasonable to view the contingent of police officers in uniform participating in the pride parade as a political endorsement. In general, political and religious symbols have been expressly banned from police uniforms and news anchors on state owned television. Now a new program is about to air featuring a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. It is becoming increasingly clear that only left wing affiliated groups are exempt from the rules.

This has all happened incredibly quickly. I remember as a child seeing sitcoms with LGBT-themed jokes. Similar “insensitivity” would never pass muster today. Those shows wouldn’t dare to put forth similar jokes in our modern politically correct atmosphere. The move from acceptance of gays, gay marriage and so on to trans-acceptance happened almost overnight. Pride parades used to be a curiosity. Now they’re almost as well covered in the press as the famous children’s parade happening every May 17th, Constitution Day.

The problems associated with LGBT-politics is perfectly crystallized in the evolution of the LGBT-term itself. It evolved to LGBTQ, then added more letters (and numbers!) as time went on. I’m perfectly willing to accept the LGB-part of the equation. You can feel, express yourself and “be” gay without contradiction. Scientific information I’ve stumbled upon recently has led me to question the inclusion of the “T” part. I’m perfectly willing to let trans-people live their lives as they see fit, but I won’t accept that it is mentally healthy or that society should be forced to accommodate them.

It is counterproductive for the LGBs to include the “T” part. What fundamentally is the difference between transgenderism and anorexia, bulimia or those wanting to amputate limbs due to body image issues? If we accept transgenderism as mentally healthy we can’t view anorexia and the other mental disorders as disease or not natural. Eating disorders are significantly less intrusive, permanent or life altering compared with chopping off your genitals during a sex reassignment surgery. The current diagnostical paradigm isn’t logical.

The pushing of the political LGBT-agenda on younger and younger people is also highly questionable. I recently was horrified to read a story in a national newspaper about a six-year-old transgendered child. Making life altering decisions at that age should remain very, very illegal. Unfortunately, this societal shift has massive momentum on its side. Children are allowed to make irreversible decision impacting the remainder of their lives. I absolutely, unequivably refuse to believe that these decisions aren’t heavily influenced by “gender therapists” and “understanding”, “inclusive”, “progressive” parents. Children want to please adults and authority figures. Taking that into consideration, I view the pushing of this on children to be morally repugnant and medical malpractice of the highest order.

We must admit that the field of mental health and hygiene has an extremely chequered history in the West. Only a few decades ago lobotomies were practiced in the West. Forced sterilizations happened for many years, even after the horrors of the Nazis were revealed. Phrenology was in vogue in “learned circles”. The disorders and their definitions changed many times over in the DSM. It is the pinnacle of arrogance to think that our current understanding is good enough to make permanent, non-reversible alterations to human beings, especially to children. If they want to mutilate themselves once they reach adulthood, I won’t stand in their way if they ignore my warnings and if I don’t have to pay for it. More and more evidence of the large number of trans persons regretting their surgeries should give everyone pause.

The vanishingly small opposition to the spreading of transgenderism to children leaves me worried when we see the next “cultural battleground” on the horizon, the rehabilitation of paedophilia. I think it would be beneficial to society at large if LGBT acceptance could be successfully separated from left-wing politics. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards any time soon.

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