Politicians and National Masochism

Politicians and National Masochism

Why are politicians deliberately hurting their own countries? They pursure policies that are clearly detrimental to their own populations.

CASE STUDY: Transportation in Norway.

Transportation in Norway sucks. Whether you prefer travelling in your own private automobile or if you choose public transportation in the form of busses, trams, trains or the subway travelling in Norway is awful. For some reason politicians really hate cars. Norway is a long sparsely populated country with a low population density. High speed trains are therefore not economical compared to South Korea and Japan for instance. Subway lines only make sense in the capital Oslo, the other cities don’t have enough people living in them to make it financially viable. Tramways rip up the asphalt and damage car tyres. Regular trains work, but are notorious for frequent delays and cancellations. A couple of years ago I thought to myself that there would never be a terrorist attack on public transportation in Norway because the terrorists wouldn’t achieve their objective. Terrorists want to disrupt the normal flow of life. This wouldn’t work for them here, people are so used to delays and trouble that the disruption wouldn’t cause the mental anguish that the evildoers desire.

Last year the a lot of the train staff employed by the government run train company went on strike. Our politicians frequently implore us to use public transportation rather than cars. Personally I’ve answered this call, not because I listen to politicians or out of a desire to be “green”, but rather because owning and operating a car in Norway is prohibitively expensive. During the train strike no additional busses or other modes of public transport were provided. I’ll repeat that because it is essential. No extra busses or other means of transportation were provided to the populace. This is the essence of what I will call National Masochism. This caused tremendous amounts of problems and economic harm for ordinary civilians. The top politicians were not affected due to their government paid private chauffeurs. If you were lucky you got standing room “fish-in-a-barrel” style on a bus. The bussed were filled up almost completely at the first stop of their routes. The route maps for trains and busses don’t necessarily overlap, so some people were forced to work from home or stay at hotels or at the houses of friends.

Politicians and officials often simply tell people to take vacation days or to work from home during road closures due to planned construction work. I find this to be a form of supreme arrogance. They assume that everyone is flexible and that you shouldn’t mind wasting precious vacation time on the callousness of the government. It is quite apparent that the politicians and other officials simply don’t care. The suffering and economic loss of ordinary people doesn’t bother them like it should. They pursue policies and actions agaain and again with the same destructive result. Get rid of many parking spaces in an already underserved city? Yeah, lets do that. Urban planning that obviously can’t handle the necessary transportation load? Buy a bike. I would like to ask them “what about disabled people? Parents of young children?  What if you need to transport goods from location A to location B? What about them? What about ambulances becoming stuck in traffic jams?” The consequences are literally dead people.

I can find no other explanation than the politicians embracing some sort of National Masochism as their ideology.

A similar case study can be found surrounding politicians embracing punitive sanctions against polluters. They don’t give a rat’s ass about economic activity and productivity. Forgetting that their tax base and economic output is dependent on it. The self-destructiveness is abhorrent.

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