Political Suicide Bombing

Political Suicide Bombing

Shortly after Trump’s inauguration I thought about making a bet with my boss at work. I thought about betting on whether or not Trump would be re-elected in 2020. My boss is vehemently anti-Trump and would naturally have chosen to bet against Trump. I was (am still? Trump please come to your senses on DACA) a Trump supporter and would have bet in favor of Trump being re-elected. Since that time, I’ve recalculated Trump’s odds for winning upon reading stories in the news. Some stories increase his chances according to my calculation, while others decrease the odds.

What I could not have predicted was what happened this week. Trump has donned the political equivalent of a suicide vest, gone to a remote place and threatened to pull the trigger. His suicide vest takes the form of his DACA deal with the Democrats. I say that he went to a remote place because Trump is the only one getting blown up. All his political opponents are safe from harm. The Democrats stand to gain tremendous demographic and thus electoral leverage upon enactment of amnesty. The cuckservative RINO Republican establishment are happy to go along. The only people getting blown up apart from Trump himself are his core, diehard supporters. I find it hard to believe that the man that stood tall throughout storm after storm during the campaign has suddenly become soft with a spine made of jelly.

If the reports about the DACA deal are even remotely true, the Republicans are dead as a political party with national influence. Demographic changes will ensure that the Democrats gain an unbeatable hold on swing states and then on traditionally Republican states. Additionally, as Ann Coulter now says, who now opposes impeaching Trump? The Democrats are salivating over the opportunity. We have had rumors circulating for some time now that the back-stabbing establishment GOP are mostly in favor of president Pence, so they won’t defend Trump. Alienating his base, who then remains at Trump’s side besides Javanka? What makes this whole situation even worse is that Trump can’t claim ignorance. He has numerous tweets from the early 2010s going over all the anti-amnesty arguments. Trump knows the inns and outs of this topic, so his betrayal makes him all the more guilty.

Trump isn’t the only political suicide bomber in town. It has been interesting to see the disastrous unfolding of the Unite the Right Charlottesville rally and its aftermath. I don’t know entirely whether it is due to incompetence, a failure to understand even the basics of political optics or if there are other reasons, but the failure on the part of leading Alt-Right figures to distance and separate themselves from the supremacist Neo-Nazi flag waving Alt-Reich larpers is baffling. Even a rudimentary basic understanding of politics will let one understand that nothing good comes from associating with such people. Any momentum the Alt-Right had was stopped dead in its tracks and the movement was pushed back by years.

They can blame the disingenuous press all they like, being an adult means taking responsibility and doing what actually works, not what feels good in the moment. The automatic, reflexive defense of James Fields after the car attack is another bone I have to pick with them. There is enough video footage captured and made available online to clearly show that his car wasn’t under attack when he accelerated into the crowd. While true that it makes sense to flee a scene upon coming under attack by an angry and armed mob, the context provided by the footage preceding the ramming removes any doubt. This was deliberate maliciousness, not self-defense in any sense of the word. Defending Alex Fields once the evidence is clear for all to see is political suicide bombing of your own movement.

Finally, we have the New Right’s Trump rally taking place in Washington D.C today. Although there are no Nazi-flags present, no heavily armed shield wearing and scary looking people there, I include this march in the category of political suicide bombing. The New Right has wisely shown more mature leadership than the Alt-Right in the past. They cancelled events following Charlottesville due to the consequences to political optics. That same intelligence isn’t present today. It is counterproductive to have a massive pro-Trump rally at this time. Mike Cernovich has wisely pointed out that we are currently in a negotiation with Trump. He is (or was) A/B testing different approaches to DACA. This is clear from the contradictory nature of his statements and tweets on the issue.

Pushing back, publicly burning MAGA-hats, calling Congress, being loud and so on is the correct response. Social media matters in negotiations such as these. If enough pushback can be mounted Trump changes his mind. A rally of this nature at this time is the wrong signal to send. Trump then takes it as approval for his betrayal on DACA. Ann Coulter is correct in pointing out that currently Trump has left the Trump train, we haven’t. We remain committed to the program and we owe it to ourselves to push back and hopefully get Trump back as well.



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