Political Bacteria: Parties as Societal Disease

Political Bacteria: Parties as Societal Disease

Flipping through newspaper stories about the crazy shenanigans contained in the actions and proposals of “green” and “red” political parties has got my gears turning. Increasingly, I’ve come to believe that people, organisations and companies have to operate and succeed despite the presence of such parties. Their actions sometimes appear functionally indistinguishable from malevolent wreckers, hell-bent on sabotaging society at large. Politicians often shroud themselves in colorful language about “creating a healthy business climate” and “environmental justice”. In practice what they advocate for hampers and severely limits societal economic and social activity and progress.

Take so-called green parties as an example. They salivate over every single opportunity they can find and create, to limit cars and their usage. Getting rid of parking spaces? Sign me up! Increase road tolls to a draconian level? More please! Often, they simply tell people to ride a bike or walk to their destination. I wonder if they think stores and businesses can realistically be resupplied by bike messengers instead of trucks and lorries. Also, they aren’t particularly mindful of people with mobility handicaps. They’re dependent on vehicular transportation in order to get from point A to B. I hope that they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their hatred for roads if they or a loved one has to be transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

We also have to consider weather. In my parts of the world, winters are cold and full of snow. Some diehards use their bicycles year-round, but this is hardly a reasonable course of action for most people to solve their transportation needs. Even common weather phenomena such as rain must be considered. Greenies apparently want to force everyone, young and old, able and unfit, indoors-types and outdoorsmen to “enjoy” nature without the benefit of a heated capsule to protect themselves from variable weather.

Sucking money and economic potential out of the economy in order to fund their grandiose ambitions is another aspect of their malevolence. I wonder how they propose to fund their madness once we recognize that fully implemented, their policy proposals would severely hamper economic activity. This especially applies to “reds”. Welfare state proponents surely must recognize that their advocacy is in need of extensive funding. Economic activity and a healthy business environment provides this funding. It is similar to the paradox of increasing governmental spending without adjusting income and expecting no deficits or debt. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. An example from my country Norway, is that the same people that want a big government with lots of welfare services also want to hamper or dissolve out oil industry. The domestic oil industry is heavily taxed and provides boatloads of funds for governmental programs.

The bacterial metaphor is apt, and applies to political parties all over the Western world. One would think that nation states would be in competition with each other, wanting to attract economic entities and agents. The desirability of having a great, strong and expansive prosperous economy should be self-evident. Despite this, everywhere political parties act as harmful tumors sabotaging and hampering the mechanisms that benefit society. Even more surprisingly, many people don’t realize this connection and support these bacterial outgrowths electorally in election after election. Perhaps this is unsurprising, people do commit harmful acts. Alcohol, smoking, drugs and so on, people in general are also agents of their own destruction.

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