On the missile attack on Syria

On the missile attack on Syria


That was the feeling I had when I woke up today scrolling through the news on my phone. US Missile attack on Syria ordered by Trump. I’m mostly happy with the reaction from Trump supporters. We distinguish ourselves from Hillbots and lefties by not subscribing to a cult of personality. We are capable of critisizing Trump and his actions and policies when they warrant it. I believe that the actions of yesterday warrant such criticism. Trumps tweet about action against Syria from 2013 is all over social media by this point. Trump obviously knows about the dangers intervention brings with it. He has reperatedly critisized the meddling in the Middle East done by other political figures. His own meddling therefore disappoints me profoundly. I supported Trump throughout the primaries and I have been a supporter of his policies as president (with the exception of RyanCare). What now?

I still believe that it was vastly better for the world that Trump won compared to Hillary. Trump has done a lot of good during his transition period and in the first two and a half months of his presidency. A lot of people are speculating on whether this attack is some form of 4D chess. One of the most uncontroversial theories regarding this is that Trump is flexing muscles to gain negotiating leverange with the president of China. This would be a move similar to Truman’s decision to use atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even if that is the case the attack is still wrong.

The ends doesn’t justify the means.

The negative consequences and blowback from military action also don’t care about that. Trump has damaged himself in the eyes of hardcore supporters, his most ardent enemies are applauding and the action is shaking things up with Russia. All over what is probably a false flag attack based on the evidence and reasoning I have seen thus far. I really hope that this escalation enda swiftly. US involvement in the Syrian civil war is very dangerous. Why risk armed conflict with nuclear armed Russia? Iraq didn’t turn into paradise or even a decent place after western military intervention. Saddam sucked, but the living conditions for Iraqis today also suck. Libya is another case study, from bad to terrible. You can never predict the butterfly effect consequences from interventions. Arming the Mujahedin resistance movement in Afganistan agains the Soviets turned into Al-Qaeda turned into embassy bombings, USS Cole, 9/11 and on and on and on… Getting rid of Saddam and Qaddafi lead to ISIS. Quashing Qaddafi have us the European migrant crisis. Intervening in Syria will expand the migrant problem, help ISIS, risk a greater conflict and tarnish Trump in the eyes of many of his supporters.

Trump’s agenda is too important for the future of Western Civilization for us to allow that to happen. Now is the time to make our voices heard loudly from the rooftops.

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