Male-Female Relationships in the Age of Regressive Feminism

Male-Female Relationships in the Age of Regressive Feminism

Growing up in a self-proclaimed egalitarian country, as a child and teenager I would naturally have described myself as pro-equality. I probably would have accepted the label “feminist” if asked. The political climate in terms of gender relations is remarkably different in Norway where I live and grew up, compared to other countries such as the US. Yet, we’re no Sweden (thankfully) when it comes to feminism. Norway had our first female head of state back in the early 80’s and a large share of Parliament is comprised of women. Culturally and in terms of societal norms gender equality is widespread. So why do we still have complaining about patriarchy, pay gap and oppression by males?

One of the most powerful anti-feminist arguments is pure logic. The assertion that there exists a gendered pay gap doesn’t hold water. The claim is that men and women are paid differently for equal work. “Equal work” being the key point. First of all, paying male and female employees different wages purely due to sex is illegal. Feminists never acknowledge that men and women on the aggregate level perform different kind of work. Men are overrepresented in physical labor, dangerous work and in the very lucrative offshore oil sector. Women are found in airconditioned indoor offices, where a major hazard is encountering an empty shelf at the local convenience store when you want to buy a quinoa salad for lunch. I wish that feminists one day will concede that the pay gap is apples and oranges. Work at undesirable hours, in hazardous conditions and without much potential for self-realization pays more. It’s supply and demand stupid.

What does all this mean for the relationship between men and women? I recently went over a similar point in terms of environmentalism, racism and to a certain extent feminism. Dishonest claims poison the soil where fruitful, cooperative and peaceful relations should take root. Claims of blatant discrimination by men towards women is toxic. Young women will internalize these claims and this will impact how they interact with men throughout life. Similarly, many men will grovel and radically change their behaviour towards women falsely believing themselves to inhabit some kind of “original sin” by being born male. The rise of beta, white-knight, weak men is worrisome. Healthy male-female couplings are essential for both biological and cultural procreation. Without, we risk undermining the very foundations upon which our civilization stands. Radical feminists are the political equivalent of termites gnawing through a wooden structure.

I unfortunately count myself among a growing number of young men with a troubled relationship to women. My cultural upbringing in this society has made me confused. It goes against natural instincts advocated for by traditionalists. All the feminist buzz terms such as “mansplaining”, “manspreading”, “manterrupting” and so on has made me and many other young men apprehensive about interacting with women. “Better not give her a compliment, or she might think I’m a sexist pig!”. Coupling this fact with falling birth-rates and the European Migrant Crisis and we see a vitally important problem. Taking into consideration what kind of values the migrants carry with them, feminists should be up in arms and embrace Western men and say “I’m so, so sorry. Please take me back!”. Feminism is undermining the foundation upon which gender equality is rooted.

The essence of the paragraph above is linked to the phenomena “failure to launch” found in young men today. Males growing up in our political and cultural climate has their natural drive and ambition beaten out of them. They no longer aspire to greatness, they increasingly reject the desire for children and they simply opt out of the relationship game. The rise of MGTOW and “herbivore men” in the West (Japan in particular) is proof of this phenomena. Masculinity now means sipping a soy latte while tweeting about resisting the patriarchy. Where did it all go so wrong? As for me, I’m working hard on repairing the damage done by a toxic cultural environment. I’m increasingly adopting traditional values and working on improving myself in order to be worthy of a traditional woman. For society at large we need an intervention to carve out the rot at the heart of our childrearing, the way it currently stands is not sustainable. If we want men and women to respect and cherish each other, something drastic must be done, the sooner the better.


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