Libertarians and Identitarians Are Not Enemies

Libertarians and Identitarians Are Not Enemies

History books will look back at the times we are currently living in as the early parts of the Third World War. Ironically, Germany is yet again one of the main villains of the story. Not with soldiers in feldgrau uniforms marching into France, but with a weaponized demographic change altering the future of Europe. Just as the First World War launched the United States of America onto the world stage as a major power and the Second marked the beginnings of the end of the British Empire, the Third World War will mark the ascendancy of the Far East. The Western World is committing suicide, or a civil war against itself if you will. The coming vacuum will be filled by countries such as Japan, China and South Korea. They have successfully resisted the toxic intellectual waves currently wreaking havoc in the West.

Libertarians and identitarians aren’t enemies. At least they shouldn’t be. Libertarians should wake up to what is going on in the real world and leave the world of dusty old books behind. There is a pressing urgency in the real world, we no longer have time to pursue non-essential theoretical ideas. We will never, never ever achieve a free society in line with libertarian values if we lose the West. Demographics matter, if we are honest we recognize that we can never hope to out-persuade enough people to counter the massive influx of migrants with big government beliefs. The facts are on the table, like them or not. Acknowledge that immigration as it currently stands in the West is a government program. Oppose it!

At the same time identitarians must take a course in Political Optics 101. I think it is somewhat childish to go about saying whatever you want and claiming that any criticism of how you say it is political correctness. Identitarians have many ideas that are important and timely. Don’t waste your opportunity for promoting them on unnecessary bad optics. The best example of what I’m talking about is Richard Spencer. Listening to his speeches, I find very little I disagree with. But then he contaminates it all with nonsense, such as the “roman” salutes at last year’s NPI conference, the “fashy” talk and claiming that all the Nazi-era language is “ironic”. As a proponent of free speech and as an avowed opponent of political correctness I stand by his right to do so. But it is the pinnacle of folly to completely ignore the optics. You are shooting yourself in the foot and severely damaging the spread of your ideas. I don’t believe the claims that you are controlled opposition, but when you pull self-defeating stunts like this you might as well be. And that should be food for thought.

I highly recommend this video by Molyneux. I didn’t fully realize how necessary or important it was until I watched it. As liberty-lovers we must step up to the plate and engage the issue of massive migration and demographic trends. I believe it is useful to look at the current civilizational conflict through the lens of Fourth Generation Warfare. This conflict is not a classical war, in the sense that German tanks aren’t rolling through Poland and Japanese pilots aren’t kamikazeing themselves into American ships. Just like in the Vietnam War and the War on Terror the moral dimension is in play. It is here we must stand tall and defeat our enemies. The left, Globalists and “cucks” all pull on our heartstrings with newspapers images of drowned refugees, calling all opposition to completely open borders evil racism and worrying more about hurt feelings from online words than real life blood in the streets.

I believe that identitarians have a lot to add to our side of the fight. They have many good arguments that can give us weapons to fight back in the moral realm. This is not a time for focus on petty, inconsequential squabbles. Back in the Second World War our allies were not always nice people. We fought alongside the murderous Soviet regime in furtherance of our goals. Surely the difference between libertarians, identitarians, civic and ethno-nationalists are significantly smaller.


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