Lessons from Charlottesville

Lessons from Charlottesville

The media is still biased as hell in their selective coverage and outrage. The same people employing journalists that encourage punching political opponents on their Twitter handles, condemn political violence. The glaring omission of any mention at all of the “other” side of violence is counterproductive to the max. Everyone from mainstream journalists, to conservatives and even Trump himself have failed to mention groups like Antifa and their ilk.

Traditional establishment conservatives are still completely useless. They don’t care about achieving anything worthwhile, only about ingratiating themselves with their apparent political adversaries. They put much more effort into distancing themselves from anything that could remotely be linked to racist, than actually achieving anything useful. They fall on top of each other in their denouncements of Trump’s response. They don’t have an answer for the underlying conditions fuelling the concerns of the people at the Unite the Right rally. Establishment conservatism had nothing to add to the debate. It has empirically failed, and through the words of its adherents it has made it perfectly clear that it is in no shape to fight the actual underlying problems.

Almost all the rally attendees completely failed to understand that the outside world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the fine distinctions between the different groups. We can all see that in their eyes, all the rallygoers were Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The media in particular threw all kinds of labels into a big “evil” pile. Alt-Right, White Nationalist, Supremacist, the media combed them all with the same brush. Those hoping for a “big tent” on the New Right spectrum surely had their dreams crushed. The only sane path going forward is the “diversity” of many different groups the right, which allows the “sane” ones to distance themselves from the overt Neo-Nazis.

I think it is very sad that Trump got lambasted in the media for being one of the very few people having the proper response. Trump condemned the violence “on many sides”, precisely the kind of response that is both appropriate and necessary. His reward for being fair and even handed? Being keelhauled as a racist bigot closet white supremacist. The opportunism by leftists and opponents of Steve Bannon disgusts me. The vile core of many people is on full display. Yet again we find ourselves in a situation where one is punished for taking the high road. Those condemning the aggression on both sides faces accusations of supporting Nazis and White supremacy.

The protected class status of Antifa and left-wing thugs continues to be a tumor on the political debate. Until all sides start playing by the same rules, the violence and rhetoric will only escalate further. Adding gasoline to the bonfire is the police response. There were absolutely enough law enforcement present to separate the two factions and to ensure a peaceful and successful rally. Instead we had a group with a federal court order having their rights violated for all to see. That is just the cherry on top of this shit sundae.

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