Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Earlier today I had the pleasure of visiting my dentist. Unfortunately, my wallet didn’t find the experience enjoyable. Due to my dumbassery I’ve seriously neglected my dental health over the last three years. Today I paid the price for that neglect. At the beginning of 2017 I decided to turn my life around and live purposefully. I’ve successfully lost a lot of weight, and I’ve improved my dental hygiene habits. I dread to imagine what the dentist would have found if I had continued my pattern of neglect past New Year’s Eve. My dentist presented me with a choice, one of my teeth was in a bad way. I could either go for several regular fillings or a dental crown. The fillings represented the low-cost option. According to my dentist I could expect them to last for a couple of years, but the underlying problems would return. The alternative was going for a dental crown, a significantly more resource intensive option, but a permanent solution.

Earlier today I was sitting on my couch reading James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself”. I drew inspiration from this book in addition to what I’ve learned from countless streams by Mike Cernovich. Cernovich has often referred to short-sighted behavior as “bush-league thinking”. I’m not a wealthy man, so the cheaper option for my tooth had appeal. Despite this, I chose to go for the crown instead. I decided to invest in myself. I’m perfectly willing to spend money today, if it means I can reap a future benefit with interest. It is the reason I’ve splurged on good quality and good tasting food during my weight loss regimen. I invested in my own success. Luckily, I reached my desired outcome and has managed to maintain the gains I won through hard work.

Likewise, I’ve spent money on high quality nutritional supplements in preparation for starting a more active lifestyle. I expect to join a gym shortly, once I’ve finished gathering information and preparing. As reliable fitness experts will tell you, supplements aren’t necessary, they help and are beneficial, but not necessary at all (unless you’ve a severe medical deficiency of some essential vitamins and/or minerals). What do I want? Success. I’ve chosen to spend money on high-end supplements to increase the likelihood of meeting my fitness goals. I’m investing in my own success. If I’m successful at the gym, this will breed confidence, which will in turn increase my desire for going to the gym. My money is helping me create this self-reinforcing positive cycle.

There are other behaviors you can perform in order to invest in yourself. Make sure you dedicate time for reading, writing (journaling/blogging), planning your life and sufficient sleep. In the mainstream press you almost never hear about this kind of investing. All they ever talk about is the stock market, IPOs and so on. You’ll never beat the market, unless you are a full time day trader with some questionable insider intelligence. But you can be a “stock winner” by investing in yourself. The return on investment is guaranteed.

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