Thoughts after Reading: How Trump Won

Thoughts after Reading: How Trump Won

Thoughts After Reading:

“How Trump Won: The Inside Story of A Revolution”

Written by: Joel B. Pollak and Larry Schweikart

During the election cycle from just before the Iowa Caucuses I followed Trumps political rise with great interest. I first became truly aware of Trumps candidacy after listening to a podcast by Stefan Molyneux about how Trump had been inaccurately portrayed in the mainstream media. As a follower of Molyneux’s work for many years now I took a keen interest in why he was talking about Donald Trump all of a sudden. Prior to this I was the typical politically disengaged libertarian with a disgust for politics. Republican or Democrat didn’t matter to me. The state would be the only victor. I was puzzled why Stefan would spend valuable airtime on a political candidate after sharing my own political disgust for many years. I listened to the podcast and shortly afterwards began to follow the US primary election season. I quickly stumbled upon The_Donald (back when it had less than 3000 subscribers!) and quickly became enamored with The Don.

Trump did not share my libertarian views, but he represented an existential threat against political correctness, the mainstream media and politics as usual. That was more than good enough for me, especially considering what would happen should one of his opponents have prevailed. I am interested in seeing the expansion of human liberty and in the current political climate in the west political correctness and the mainstream media are fundamentally opposed to freedom. Trump was clearly the best vehicle for opposing the opponents of freedom. In addition to this I quickly gained an understanding about immigration and demographics. To put it shortly, if the democrats were to win they would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants and push for significantly more of them to come to the US. Since they are overwhelmingly more likely to vote for the Democratic Party a democratic victory in the election would essentially transform the United States into a single party state (at least for the time beeing) with the Republican Party relegated to local state and county offices.

In other words the stakes were very, very, very high.

“How Trump Won” chronicles the last stage of the presidential election season and combines two narratives. One is Joel B. Pollaks recollections from attending numerous Trump rallies and his travails reporting on them for Breitbart from the campaign trail. Schweikarts narrative talks primarily about the primary season with a focus on polling. Following their story I could remember the emotional roller-coaster that I went through during election year 2016. The book details all the nay-sayers that dismissed Trumps chances combined with Trumps herculean efforts to prevail in the end. I watched almost all of Trumps rallies since the Iowa caucuses, some livestreamed and others after the fact. It was interesting getting a different behind-the-scenes prespective from the book compared to what I saw on my screen at home.

Who is this book for? If you are a Trump-fan it provides a behind-the-scenes perspective on the final two weeks of the campaign and the shenanigans behind the muchly disparaged public polling. It does not however go into the transition period with Trump as President Elect.

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