Generation Identity vs Sea Shepherd

Generation Identity vs Sea Shepherd

A few years ago when “Whale Wars” was on tv I watched all the episodes. I had a love/hate relationship with the show. Part of me found it enjoyable to watch the drama on the seas around Antarctita as a part of the wider issue of whaling. Another part of me was constantly infuriated by Sea Shepherd’s clearly illegal, dangerous and stupid actions. Sea Shepherd is a militant environmentalist group that uses so-called “direct action” (code word for criminal/terrorist activity) to further their conservationist agenda.

If my memory serves, one definition of terrorism is using violence and intimidation to further a political agenda. According to that definition the majority of the membership of Sea Shepherd should immediately be taken down and put behind bars. It says a lot about the moral and cultural decline of Western civilization when these bozos can run around with impunity. They willingly show themselves on television ramming peaceful seagoing vessels that partake in activities Sea Shepherd objects to. This would be bad enough on solid ground, but in the middle of the ocean, days away from help and rescue such dangerous actions take on a whole different meaning. I would have a few choice words for anyone objecting to calling their deeds attempted murder.

In addition to ramming, cutting nets, boarding (piracy if done by non-Westerners with brown skin, for instance off the coast of Somalia) and “prop-fouling” they fly their helicopter willy-nilly all over the place in unsafe conditions and attack with butyric acid. I don’t have to explain why throwing items at another vessel with people running around on deck is a bad idea, it is self-explanatory. Prop-fouling utilizes ropes and other scrap put together into a single “device” which entangles itself into a ship’s propeller, rendering it immobile. Deliberately stranding people far away from help and sources of fresh water/food? How is this not attempted homicide? If they were unable to free themselves, they would be subject to the mercies of the perilous weather in this region of ocean.

Sea Shepherd has operated all over the globe, but the focus of the Whale Wars series were their actions in the Pacific Ocean against Japanese whaling ships. Now, let’s compare Sea Shepherd’s actions against those by identitarian group Generation Identity. Generation Identity has recently crowdfunded a campaign. They are going to sail a ship in the Mediterranean Ocean watching NGO ships aiding migrants illegally into Europe. Generation Identity has through their spokesman (unofficial?) Martin Sellner stated that they are going to aid any boats/dinghies in distress they come across, but that they will bring them back to their port of origin rather than mainland Europe. They have also publically stated that they are not going to engage in any “sea battles” against any NGO ships operating illegally.

This is a rather stark contrast with Sea Shepherd. Generation Identity has committed to a non-violent path, in stark contrast to the quasi-pirates of Sea Shepherd. Generation Identity has been lambasted in the media, called nazis, fascists and the other standard derogatory terms. Sea Shepherd on the other hand has their own tv-show and support from Western celebrities. The political dimension is too obvious to comment on, leftists celebrated by leftists even while conducting themselves horribly. I already briefly mentioned Somali pirates. Isn’t it kind of racist to have this double standard? Sea Shepherd (overwhelmingly white members) attack and harass Japanese fishermen (non-white) and are portrayed as moral heroes. Somalis (black Africans) do much of the same (boarding ships, attempting to force ships to stop) and are either killed or captured. Seems like racism to me.

Yet, Sea Shepherd are beloved heroes of the left. Meanwhile Generation Identity, the non-violent identitarian group is dragged through the mud and nearly keelhauled by the press. Sooner or later we will have to confront our double standards. I hope.

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