Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Fighting the Wrong Enemy

The so-called “Alt-Right” and “Alt-Lite” have recently been going after one another publicly. While there have always been disagreements between the two, the temperature has increased dramatically in the last week. This is natural, due to the fact that the two movements have different end goals and values. I’m going to make a somewhat basic point in this post, but it still needs to be made.

I myself consider myself primarily an Anarcho-Capitalist. We are part of the libertarian spectrum which goes from Minarchists to anarcho-capitalists. Minarchists want to abolish most of the state functions, institutions and powers that governments currently have. Their ideal end goal is a state that takes care of national defence, police and courts. The anarchist wing of the libertarian spectrum wants to abolish the state entirely. I’ve never directly attacked Minarchists over my disagreement with them. I reserve that argument for when we live in a society where the overarching power of the state has been reduced to a Minarchist level. Until then, I don’t have the luxury of being picky over allies. The struggle is hard enough without such internal politicking.

This brings us to the Alt-Right – Alt-Lite schism. There are people on the fence between the two, and they obviously draw their support from similar “breeding grounds”. Is seems to me it should be fairly obvious we should all band together to oppose our enemies. Libertarians of all stripes, Alt-Right, Alt-Lite and other similar minded people shouldn’t have too much difficulty in uniting in our fight against our common enemies. Our enemies have no problem uniting in order to oppress us and the population at large. The stakes are too serious at this moment to spend critical time on petty turf wars. As a response to the seriousness of the migrant crisis and its long term implications for the Western world, I’ve had to put most of my “libertarianness” on the shelf until we can solve this existential crisis. The Alt-Right and Alt-Lite are intelligent enough to come to this realization as well.

As I mentioned at the beginning the point made here is basic, I’m in no way a super genius for pointing it out. And this is precisely the reason it is so sad to see energy expended on fighting amongst “siblings”.

The points made above also applies to Atheists fighting Christians. Back 10-12 years ago I was a classic “Dawkinsian” atheist vehemently opposing all things religious. “Religion is the root of all evil” was my mantra. Now, after being exposed to numerous wholesome Christians in the Alt-Right/Lite I’ve modified my position in response to the facts on the ground. If I were presented with a choice between having Christians or Muslims running society I wouldn’t hesitate for even a moment in preferring the buddies of Jesus. The attacks upon Christianity have created a cultural vacuum which Islam has unfortunately seen fit to pour into. Any reasonably informed citizen knows full-well that there are many adherents of Islam with abhorrent views that are wholly incompatible with Western civilization.

In the end, my squabbles with Christians pale in comparison with my disagreements with Islam. Atheists need to prioritize who they are going to use their intellectual guns against. This is also a case where seeming opponents should fight shoulder to shoulder until the situation improves markedly.

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