Fighting Disempowerment

Fighting Disempowerment

Having just finished Bob Lewis’ “The Feminist Lie” it is easy to be left with a sense of profound powerlessness. The crimes of feminism are many and the negative impact on both men and women are widespread. How can one be inspired to stand up in opposition to feminism when it is so easy to drown in a pool of self-pity and disempowerment?

First of all, some clarifications are in order. My “beef” with feminism it its inherent dishonesty. Everyone that is not a hopeless ideologue that has looked under the hood of feminism knows that it isn’t about equality. It is gynocentric female supremacy and advocacy. If they were honest about their intentions, I probably wouldn’t care about them. It is perfectly legitimate to be in favor of better conditions for a specific group. The problem comes when they cloak themselves in the moral legitimacy of equality. The real-world outcomes of feminist policies often empower women at the expense of men. Thus, feminism practically applied leads to the exact opposite of equality.

Feminism is entrenched in culture, the government, academia, organisations, the workplace, relationships and so on. Lewis is correct in his book when he points out that feminism “won”. That being said, giving up is the wrong response. As we have recently seen with the Trump phenomenon, the impossible is possible. Political power can change from one extreme of the political spectrum to the opposite. It won’t be easy and it will require sacrifice, dedication and hard work, but in the end a better outcome may be had.

Many in the Alt and New Right movements are concerned about the demographic trends in the Western world. The political left, allied with academia, governments and organisations seemingly represents an insurmountable mountain that can’t be altered from its course. It is true that they have tremendous power and momentum at the moment, but their greatest strength comes from demotivating their opponents. It is easy to commit political shenanigans when those most able and willing to oppose you are locked in their own basements wallowing in self-pity instead of doing something productive.

Doing something meaningful has never been easier. While it is important to break out of self-reinforcing social media echo chambers to reach the normie mainstream, doing so doesn’t necessarily require much time and effort. As an example, I donated some money as one contributor among many to the Defend Europe mission. The Defend Europe mission was able to impact the flow of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and the political debate surrounding the issue through the dedicated actions of a handful of activists. Shouldn’t this inspire us to further similar campaigns? The facts on the ground don’t back up the view that everything is hopeless and nothing can be done.

Another example can be found in Norwegian politics. Although I in general don’t have much faith in Norwegian politicians and their ability to confront and handle political issues, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The “least cucked” politician on the issue of immigration is currently the minister having responsibility for that area. Have we had a massive New/Alt-Right movement working tirelessly through metapolitics to achieve this success? Nope, it wasn’t required. If this can happen without, imagine what we can all achieve with such activism?

The true enemy is the appearance of impossibility, everything is mortal and malleable. Rather than being an accurate and objective description of the facts on the ground, disempowerment is an excuse for political laziness. Wasting away consuming energy drinks while playing video games shouldn’t be justified through an inaccurate inflation of the strength and power of our political enemies. The same goes for the misguided fringes waiting for a European civil war between the natives and the Muslim community. First of all, its not going to happen and secondly, they will kick your ass. So moral of the story, get off your ass and do something, doesn’t have to be massive, but something is better than nothing.

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