Economic activity is also beautiful

Economic activity is also beautiful

I love hiking. I don’t just enjoy my deep forays into the nearby forests, I also enjoy taking a stroll around in my surrounding area. We can all understand the attraction we feel towards nature. Many people love animals and they love to get away from the hustle and bustle of highways, noisy neighbors and civilization in general. I’m among these people. Whenever I have the opportunity I pack my rucksack with supplies and head out for a couple of hours. I love exploring the different paths that have been marked inside the forests. The solitude, the quietness and the inherent beauty of being outside in nature appeals to me. But this is only half the story.

I also love seeing economic activity. Construction cranes rising towards the sky. Cement trucks pouring their contents at construction sites. Residential houses with business signs in their windows. I love them all. Luckily for me there is a significant amount of economic activity taking place around my home. Looking out my living room window I can see three construction cranes. Buildings are popping up all over the local area at a rapid pace. I see people wearing reflective yellow and orange clothing milling about carrying tools. The beauty of nature is different from the attractiveness of rebar and concrete. Economic activity is pleasant to watch partly because of what it implies. It implies people having the means to support themselves. A paying joy instead of a welfare check. People having enough money to invest in projects. The buildings also signify the belief that the area is going to be attractive for residents in the coming years. In other words optimism for the future.

I’ve avoided becoming burnt-out after the emotionally exhausting US presidential election season and subsequent Trump administration drama by absorbing two things. Nature and economic activity. I think we could all benefit from some de-stressing through these.

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