Do you want to be liked today or by historians?

Do you want to be liked today or by historians?

Dear President Trump,


Following the news of your missile strike against an airfield in Syria many of your supporters have questioned your action and their support of your presidency. At the same time a lot of people of questionable repute have come out in support of your attack. The “NeverTrump”-crowd, the media, democrats and others all cheer on the strike. This should give you pause. Escalating the situation in Syria will undoubtedly make you new “friends” like John McCain. You don’t want to be his friend, he is not a nice person. In fact he and most of the other people that are now supporting you are sleazeballs. They will drop you like a hot potato the very instant political expediency requires it.

It is a dangerous game you are playing. You are engaged in mortal combat against seasoned political operatives and elements of the corrupt Deep State. I implore you to thread carefully. Winning friends today might seem like the correct thing to do, but what if the cost is to be judged by historians? Do what is best short-term or long-term? As a former business CEO I’m sure you know about the importance of long term strategic thinking. Backing away from escalation in Syria will probably result in unfavorable op-eds in newspapers and news anchors critisizing you. Your job as president is to do what is in the best interest of the United States within the confines of the Constitution.

Appeasement is a very, very, very dangerous road to go down. Your adversaries are expert leakers and political snakes. They are not bound by the rules, the Constitution or ethical considerations. I’m reminded of Vox Day’s arguments in his book “SJWs Always Lie”. Appeasement, backing down or apologizing only invites further condemnation and attack. Give them an inch, and they will take over your presidency. You Mr. President have shown an unique strength of character by surviving all the attacks sustained during your campaign. You emerged victorious after enduring the full frontal brunt of almost a united world press. If anyone is capable of taking the critisizm today in favor of the long term positive judgment of history it is you Donald Trump.

Appeasing your foes will only embolden them. Think about the most famous example in history. Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. Standing up for your beliefs today will save you a world of hurt tomorrow. By rejecting the calls for an escalation in Syria you will bring back into the fold almost all those who questioned your recent attack. You have everything to gain and everything to lose going forward. Make the right decision.



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