Cultural and Political Identity (Part 1)

Cultural and Political Identity (Part 1)

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I believe that your cultural and political identity might not be the same, or even compatible with each other for that matter. What do I mean by identity used in this context? Your self-image as based on what political or cultural belief system you possess. Others might use different definitions. You might for instance self-identify as a conservative, a liberal, a centrist, a statist or as a libertarian, just to name a few options. As a point of reference I identify as an Anarcho-Capitalist. That is the extreme (or simply taken to its logical conclusion) form of libertarianism. In my case I knew within a few days of encountering the ideas for the first time that this was going to be my belief system for the remainder of my life. Now nearly a decade hence that has proven to be true. The principles and ideas contained within spoke to me in such a powerful way that they instantly “clicked” inside my head. I think that this quick and solid adoption would not have occured has I not been predisposed to the core tenets of the belief system. I have always considered myself to be a peaceful guy, never instigated a fight or physical altercation (although I’ve been on the receiving end once) and I’m tolerant of other people’s different life choices. I might not like what they do, but I don’t want to impose my way on them.

I therefore have little to no internal opposition to the ideas. It was thus easy to see how I and libertarianism were perfectly compatible. I very quickly decided to go with Anarcho-Capitalism as opposed to minarchism, which is libertarianism with a small state. I rejected it as illogical, you can’t accept the rightness of the non-agression principle and still advocate for the very thing that limits human freedom and liberty. The label has stuck since. I remain convinced now 10-years later and hundreds upon hundres of books, thousands of hours of video and audio content and a degree in political science that I will retain this belief system for the rest of my life. But something has changed in that time period. How are we going to get there?

Culturally, I had no particular label for myself. Being born and raised in Norway I naturally considered myself a Norwegian. I was influenced by the generic mainstream culture which is somewhat left-wing with all the standard beliefs predecessing the rise of SJW-culture today. You didn’t critizise immigrants, other religions etc. That was simply the way it was. At the time I had no outside influences or information to critically look at my own native culture. Since then I’ve consumed close to 550 books, watched thousands of hours of movies, tv-shows and audio recordings of mainstream European and American culture in addition to being influenced by alternative media sources. I’ve been following non-mainstream news outlets for a decade now. This time-consuming process has allowed me to be skeptical about the culture around me.

Although nationalism is fashionable in the wider Trump-supporting circle of people, I myself am not particularly nationalistic. I support nationalist political victories in the elections we all follow for the reason that it is a step in the right direction towards more local control (hopefully in the end down to the level of individuals). In the seventh grade I marched near the front of the national day parade carrying a huge flag. National day parades in Norway include school age children marching through their local community being watched by locals and family in their best clothing accompanied by marching bands. Since then I’ve questioned this tradition. Almost everyone waves flags and becomes engulfed in a frenzy of national pride. I, on the other hand dislike the nationalism without looking under the hood. What do we stand for as a country? The United States of America can point to its history and traditions of liberty, we Norwegians cannot in the same degree do so. We don’t have those traditions or a history of being freedom lovers. That troubles me. If pride in our values was center stage that would be a whole different matter. Lacking that I can’t support the current form of nationalist outpouring we have today.


To be continued tomorrow.

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