Convincing Identitarian Arguments

Convincing Identitarian Arguments

Red Ice’s Lana yesterday published a video titled “Why I Don’t Want to Become a Minority”. I think she made a strong case for identitarianism. I’m currently in the middle of a personal struggle juggling my beliefs and looking at different arguments. In the last year I’ve changed my position on religion. Going from “militant” atheist, to seeing the value that religion can provide. Or more succinctly, the damage the vacuum formed in the absence of Christianity can inflict by providing ground for Islam. I’m certainly not alone in moving my position in response to good, sound and logical arguments. I’ve followed Stefan Molyneux along on his evolving position on the issue. I don’t think I would have considered the value of religion if I hadn’t encountered the arguments on his show. In a sense, his changed stance has made it acceptable for me to move positions.

I still stand by my atheism, it is still scientifically accurate. But, I’ve recognized that atheism by itself is lacking in the cultural arena. Personally, I’ve filled the void with libertarianism, that has been my source of morality. But for many people the lack of a belief in a deity creates a moral anarchy, allowing all kinds of destructive actions. In addition to this, Islam is all too willing to fill up the void left by the secularization and de-Christification of the West. If I had to pick Christianity or Islam, I would obviously pick the former 100% of the time. This doesn’t mean I approve of all aspects of Christianity, if it was possible I would prefer a secular framework of ethics to take its place. But realistically, that isn’t an option on the table. Thus I “have” to support Christianity as the best solution for the moment.

I’ve repeatedly argued in earlier posts that niche libertarian politics must be put aside for the moment, while the West confronts an existential threat to our values and way of life. In demographic replacement, the European Migrant Crisis and the islamization of Europe we must stand together. Europe has done so before. The Allies of the Second World War fought with the murderous totalitarian regime of Stalin to topple Hitler. I believe in this “big-tent” approach in facing existential threats. I have thus argued for libertarians and identitarians working together. I still believe in the economic arguments found within libertarianism, but it has proved either insufficient or unwilling to recognize and confront the biggest threat to its widespread adoption. Lowering taxes, deregulation or getting rid of central banking doesn’t matter if there is no country left.

The very platform which libertarians hope to use to persuade from and convince enough people to come to our side of the argument is in serious jeopardy. Equality before the law, the rule of law itself, free speech, a tolerance of differences as long as the non-aggression principle is respected and so on are not compatible with Islam in the least. I’ve repeatedly criticised my own side for failing to see that migration/immigration as it is currently taking place in Europe is a government program. We should thus oppose it. We are also holding ourselves to a higher standard than other parts of the world/ethnic groups. We preach tolerance and diversity, while the rest of the world are fiercely tribal with strong in-group preferences. Combined with democracy and their ever-increasing population numbers, this is a foreseeable disaster.

As long as we have the state, which I fervently oppose, I’m thus forced to take an interest in demographics. To refrain from doing so is equal to total surrender. Back to the video I mentioned at the top of this post. We’ve repeatedly seen how minorities lament their “oppression” by the white majority. Looking at the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter in the US, I shudder at the thought of them or similar groups having enough demographic backing to have actual political influence. Yet, that is exactly what is happening in Europe with Islam. Islam’s values are in direct opposition to mine. We can also look to South Africa and see how the majority black population is treating the minority whites. It is definitely not pretty. Few could reasonably dispute that whites have treated minorities the best compared to all ethnic groups in the world. Has it been perfect? No, no one is claiming that. But whites have again and again been unfairly blasted for their treatment of minorities, while other groups have gotten a pass. The Islamic slave trade of the Middle Ages is a great example, it is never mentioned. Only slavery in the West, in American in particular is mentioned and criticized.

Thus, I find myself drawn to the logic within the identitarian position, although I’m not emotionally there yet. Coming down the staircase from the ivory tower, I’m forced to acknowledge the reality of identity politics, however much I’ve poo-pooed it in the past. As a purely defensive measure I hope the rest of the libertarian community will follow. Libertarians, the Alt-Right, ethno-nationalists and the wider identitarian movement should come together and face the threat staring our beloved West in the face. To do otherwise is frankly not an acceptable option.

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