Centrist Extremism

Centrist Extremism

Why is it that the political center always escapes criticism and negative focus from the media? We know that most of the people running the mainstream media, academia and so on subscribe to the political left. I’m sure that they could easily brand centrists as right-wing “light” if they so desired. The inertial drift of politics greatly benefits the political middle. The left and the right want to pull politics in their respective directions, while the center can present themselves as a “reasonable” middle ground. Compromise, a negotiated solution, the best of two worlds and so on. I believe it is high time we exposed the center for what it really is.

The policies we end up with in the political middle are used as an excuse for pushing the leftist agenda. Mark Collett points out in his book “Fall of Western Man” that so-called conservatives only know how to play defense. Once the left wins a battle and moves the goalpost, the conservatives dutifully move to the next goalpost and attempt to defend it. Inevitably they lose the battle here as well and the process repeats ad infinitum. Recovering lost ground is alien to them. In practice, this means that the political center isn’t truly a middle ground at all. It is an extension of the left. What used to be right-wing policy proposals have been abandoned, to be supplanted by content from the middle. The left has pushed the whole political spectrum in its favor.

This becomes clear to me when I feel “edgy” and controversial for defending principled thinking. I advocate for men’s issues and interests primarily as a necessary counterweight to the ravages of feminism. True political equality would be the end goal for me, in other words perfect neutrality. I thus have to fight and expend great effort in an attempt that may or may not be successful. The center and the left are pulling the Overton window towards female supremacy, a.k.a modern feminism. The center isn’t neutral or reasonable at all, it explicitly and tacitly supports the current social trends in society.

We must also address the current context in which political decisions are made. The left has great institutional, cultural and social momentum, greatly aiding its efforts. Opposing and attacking both sides equally from the center is indistinguishable from actively supporting the left. Ideally, we could have more “political diversity” represented by the middle, but unfortunately the facts on the ground preclude this at the moment. By allowing incrementalism to occur in favor of the left, the center is effectively functioning as a shield and bulwark defending the more radical elements on the left from criticism coming from the right. This role needs to be properly addressed if political change is to occur.

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