Call to Arms: 2017 Western Men’s Strike

Call to Arms: 2017 Western Men’s Strike

Should the men of the Western world go on strike? In 1975 on the 24th of October 90% of the women in Iceland participated in a day of strike. The goal was to highlight the importance women played in the Icelandic economy. Many businesses had to close for the day or severely cut back their operations. Work in the home was also included, meaning no childrearing was carried out for the day by the women involved. Apart from the unethical nature of impacting innocent children by refusing their motherly duties, the strike was a great success. It illustrated clearly the importance of women workers for the various companies, schools etc. The reasoning behind the strike was a desire to correct perceived injustices such as the so-called gender wage gap.

So far so good. The rise of cultural Marxism, feminism and social justice culture in the West has put men in an unenviable position. They carry out the vast, vast majority of the dangerous work. 90%+ of workplace fatalities are men. Men die at an earlier age than women. Women’s life expectancy has risen, while men has fallen behind. The governmental response to this? Allocate more money to women’s healthcare services. Men are expected to carry out their thankless duties, all the while being told that they are inherently racist, sexist, evil patriarchal oppressors that stand in the way of true women’s liberation. Some people would like to see an end to these and many other injustices and work towards true equality of opportunity.

There are in general two approaches to this problem. Some people want more gender equality in outcome. This could include a great push for increasing men’s health services to achieve parity with the resources put into the equivalent women’s services. Redressing the sentencing gap for equal crimes and addressing the pro-female bias in family courts are other examples. The other approach is to accept the gender discrepancies that exist that favor women at men’s expense. But, they would like to see appreciation for the work, effort and passion put into running society and all that men do by women as a whole. “I’m willing to do it, just say thank you”. At first glance it would be a great idea for men to repeat the success of the Icelandic women and stage their own day long strike. Men truly deserve credit for all the hard work and sacrifice that they commit every single day.

Unfortunately, I can’t morally push for such a strike. Why would this be so? Men deserve all the adoration we can give them, they deserve a redress of grievances and anyone wishing for true equality would see the need for an improvement in men’s lives. The unfortunate reality is that such a strike (of only a day’s length) would be absolutely, unquestionably and totally catastrophic. If we stop and think for a moment we realize that men occupy an enormous amount of critical positions in society. A men’s strike would result in a huge loss of human life, a disastrous breakdown of law and order and severe long term economic collapse.

Injured and sick people would die in the streets, at home and at hospitals. Criminals would introduce a violent “Mad Max”-style anarchy in the streets. Anything of value that was not bolted securely to the ground would be stolen or pillaged. Antagonistic nation states would invade or attack foreign military bases. An incomprehensibly large amount of stocked goods at various shops, factories and in storage would become shrinkage (food becoming spoiled etc). International travel and communication would break down. Leaks would go unfixed, power outages unsolved, ships drifting aimlessly at sea and power stations would go into automatic shutdown. Everything we take for granted would stop. The consequences would be with us for months, if not years. Global anarchy. The end of the world as we know it. In other words, men not showing up for work for one day would be a true doomsday scenario.

And that is really telling us all we need to know. Hillary Clinton said the following in her election concession speech to the women of America: “never doubt that you are valuable and powerful”. It is high time for someone to say the equivalent to men.

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