Breaking Democracy: Changing the Deck

Breaking Democracy: Changing the Deck

We’ve all heard the expression “stacking the deck”. That is what is taking place right now in our democracies in the West. Left-wing politicians, activists and political groups are deliberately changing the composition of the deck we are all playing with, making conditions more favorable for themselves. A basic tenet of fairness is that we must all play by the same rules, cheating abhors us at a deep level. Cheating, manipulation and underhanded tactics are and have been committed by all sides across the political spectrum. But the intentional and directed demographic tilt that is changing the composition of the electorate is new in its scope and potential. I find it interesting that the same people that cry out and condemn so-called “voter suppression” at the hands of their opponents are more than willing to perform “voter flooding” if the end result is politically desirable.

Voter suppression can be a real phenomenon if it is done without any solid basis. But the policies that are often labelled such are almost always common-sense changes to prevent abuse and fraud. Requiring an identity document in order to vote is simply common sense. Calling it racist and evil lacks “moral oomph” when we remember that the list of other activities that requires I.D is never decried or mentioned. You need I.D in order to drive a car or buy alcohol. Aren’t these fundamental and basic actions in society? Why aren’t the requirements here racist?

The human ballot stuffing of people coming from south of the U.S. border with Mexico and the influx of migrants into Europe have been covered excellently elsewhere, so instead of treading the same water twice I will instead look at the recent developments surrounding Puerto Rico. Many Puerto Ricans have said that they intent to leave following the recent hurricane, never to return. Some people on Twitter have openly called for them to move to swing states in order to help the Democratic Party. The thin veneer of legitimacy and humanitarian concerns has been dropped. Demographics is about pure political power.

An absolutely rock-solid case has been made by people I consider highly credible on this issue regarding the importance of group differences in terms of demographics. Overall people foreign to the West are significantly more in favor of a larger government and they utilize more governmental/welfare services than the natives. They also typically have poorer outcomes. In short, they are expensive and don’t contribute as much as a similar number of natives to the economy and civic life. This is to be expected. I wouldn’t be as productive if I moved to an entirely different region of the world with a different culture, language, way of life and so on. This shouldn’t be controversial.

Being right or playing fairly unfortunately doesn’t matter much in the end, if your underhanded opponent wins through questionable means. Misguided sympathy and high-minded principle worship will sadly not lead to a desired outcome. People that care about the best and most well-reasoned and thought out political arguments winning at the end of the day must face the realities of the political methods being employed against them.

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