A Pre-emptive Disavowal

A Pre-emptive Disavowal

I would like to hereby use this opportunity to pre-emptively disavow Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s visit to the US. She is scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump. Media reports are circulating regarding the topics she intends to bring up during the meeting. If the reports are accurate she wants to talk about climate change. For those readers not in the know, Norway is a tiny country on the outskirts of Europe. We aren’t terribly important to international politics. Visits from and visits to the US President are few and far between. I’m not surprised that this opportunity is going to be squandered on nonsense, when so much is at stake.

Norwegian politicians like their European brethren want to have their cake and eat it too. They sharply criticised Trump pre-election and have continued to do so afterwards. At the same time, they fully expect the US to support policies benefiting themselves. It it high time that we acknowledge the truth. Norway is a moocher nation. We have been, and are currently riding on the backs of US taxpayers. Norway is amongst the majority of NATO countries that are spending less than the agreed to 2% of GDP goal. The taxpayers of the United States have to foot the difference.

It is a fully legitimate choice to spend your money on welfare services, foreign aid, and so-called green energy projects. That set of priorities necessitate a cutback on other posts, like defence. Unfortunately, our politicians refuse to have an honest relationship with their spending choices. They pretend that there aren’t real, tangible consequences tied to their decisions. Spending so little on the military as successive Norwegian governments from both sides of the aisle have done for decades means that we are completely reliant on the US for support if a conflict broke out.

That fact should mean something. Rather than talking about climate change, Erna Solberg should ask Trump how Norway can be a good and reliable ally of the US. Actions have consequences, squandering the first impression Trump has of our little country is going to cause us harm. I’m not going to participate in a hashtag, like #NotMyPrimeMinister or something similar, but I will express my disappointment that our so-called leaders have completely failed to conduct a reality check on their political vision.

What is the difference between a bleeding-heart liberal and so-called “conservative” Erna Solberg? I have no problem imagining a left-wing Norwegian Prime Minister talking about the same topics as her. What is the point of having a right of center government if they are going to act mostly the same as the left-wing parties? All of this strikes me as strikingly similar to the news media, in their complete failure to hit the mark. The “analysis” and “commentary” typified by the discussions around Trump tweets is telling. The news media, and apparently our political leaders as well have completely and totally failed to follow the spirit of our times. Trump is different from previous presidents, he communicates differently, he wields power in a different manner, he supports other causes and policies than his predecessors. It shouldn’t be so difficult to see this clear as day. Yet, both the news media and politicians refuse to acknowledge what is right before their own eyes.

The saddest part of this whole affair is the lost and mismanaged opportunity that Norway is missing. We have clearly seen that good things happen to those countries that are open and future oriented in their stance towards Trump. Even France maintains friendly relations with Trump, even though many people cited the political differences between Trump and Macron. Macron understood the game and the changed rules. Sadly, the political correctness in my country is so entrenched, so calcified in the walls of the halls of power that their recalcitrance has almost become a point of pride. An important point here is that Norwegian political figures have shown an ability to adapt to the times before. They had no problem licking Obama’s boots during his reign. They even shamefully gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize “forcing” him to come here to receive it, giving them a muchly desired photo op (and national embarrassment to boot) I therefore see no other option than to pre-emptively disavow the so-called leader of my country before she inevitably botches the bilateral meeting with Trump. Hopefully the leaders of other small countries are more reality oriented than ours, and will see the writing on the wall in their stance towards Trump.

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